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SAP Extended Warehouse Management – Brief Explanations – Free Udemy Courses

SAP Extended Warehouse Management – Brief Explanations – Free Udemy Courses

Short explanations of common SAP Extended Warehouse Management topics

What you’ll learn

SAP Extended Warehouse Management – Brief Explanations – Free Udemy Courses

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management – Brief Explanations

This time we wanted to offer a free course for you – and we decided to capture common SAP Extended Warehouse Management topics for this brief explanation course.

The course is free so please keep that in mind when leaving a review. We put way more effort into our other courses of course.

This course contains episodes we recorded for other social media platforms and tackles the following topics:

  • Consolidation Groups in Goods Receipt

    • how they work

  • Ad-Hoc Movements

    • What kind of Ad-Hoc Movements exist in SAP EWM

  • Posting Differences Automatically

    • how to automate the difference posting

  • Customer-Specific Database Fields

    • how to enhance the database with customer-specific fields

  • Parallel Warehouse Order Creation

    • how to enable parallel WHO creation in SAP EWM

  • Download Prices from ERP into SAP EWM

    • hot to download prices from SAP ERP into SAP EWM

  • Mapping Partner Roles in SAP EWM

    • how to customize customer-specific partner roles

  • Resource Groups in SAP EWM

    • what are resource groups

  • Invoice before Goods Issue

    • what is invoice before goods issue in SAP EWM

  • Partial Goods Issue

    • how a partial goods issue works

  • Reorganize SLG1/Application Logging

    • how to reorganize SLG1 Application Logging

  • How to reverse Goods Issues in SAP EWM

    • how to reverse a Goods Issue Posting

  • Adjusting ODO Quantities in SAP EWM

    • how to adjust ODO quantities

  • Queues in SAP EWM

    • how Queues in SAP EWM work

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Who this course is for:

  • SAP EWM Consultants
  • SAP EWM Consultant
  • SAP Consultant
  • SAP ABAP Developers

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