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What is keeping YOU from becoming a beekeeper? – Free Udemy Courses

What is keeping YOU from becoming a beekeeper? – Free Udemy Courses

Start your beekeeping journey by learning to overcome your fears and move from hesitation to honey harvesting.

What you’ll learn

What is keeping YOU from becoming a beekeeper? – Free Udemy Courses

  • This mini-course will not make you a beekeeper but will give you direction on how to start your journey toward becoming a beekeeper
  • The most common fears and hesitations that keep people from becoming beekeepers
  • How to overcome common fears and hesitations
  • How to get started on your beekeeping journey
  • What resources can help you take the next step


  • An interest in becoming a beekeeper
  • No other experience needed


This free mini-course won’t turn you into a beekeeper, but what it will do is address the hesitations you might be feeling, whether it’s getting stung, not feeling prepared to keep bees, the cost of getting started, the time commitment, not knowing what equipment to buy or how to buy bees. This mini-course will identify these hesitations and then provide you with some guidance on how to overcome that fear. Resources outside of the course are also provided to help you overcome your hesitations.

Resources will include a free printable 5-step guide to becoming a beekeeper full of helpful information and guidance to help you leap into becoming a beekeeper. We will also share details about our complete beekeeping course that WILL guide you from start to finish into becoming a beekeeper.

If you are wanting to become a beekeeper, maybe you have been thinking about it for years, but have a few fears or hesitations holding you back, join our course today and get the ball rolling on your beekeeping journey. This is just the first step, but overcoming your fears might be the most important step toward becoming a beekeeper that you will ever make.

Take that first step in your journey today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with hesitations that keep you from taking the next step toward becoming a beekeeper

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