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Disaster and Emergency Preparation – France – Free Udemy Courses

Disaster and Emergency Preparation – France – Free Udemy Courses

Resources and skills for English speakers in France

What you’ll learn

Disaster and Emergency Preparation – France – Free Udemy Courses

  • English speakers in France will understand the known risks of emergencies and disasters in France
  • Non-French speakers will understand how to cope with emergencies in France
  • English speakers in France will learn about disaster response resources
  • English-speaking residents of France will learn how to prepare for emergencies
  • You will also learn the basic principles of Psychological First Aid


  • Interest in living in, or visiting, France


French speakers in France have access to countless resources for managing large-scale disasters and personal emergencies.

But visitors and new residents who come to France with limited language skills struggle as they become acclimated to an unfamiliar culture. This struggle can be dangerous, even fatal when immigrants and visiting guests face disastrous circumstances.

To make life a little easier for English-speaking residents and visitors, this course provides a brief overview of resources, skills, and risks that individuals and families face in navigating life in


Here you’ll find resources that will provide relief for yourself, your family, and the community at large when you face crises, both on a national, large-scale level and in your personal and family circumstances. It also covers the basics of psychological first aid, so that you can be useful to others when disaster strikes.

This free course contains five lessons answering questions such as What is a disaster, and why should I care? How risky is France? How does the Government respond? What should I do in the immediate aftermath of a disaster? How can I help others when a disaster hits? How can my family and I prepare for emergencies before they strike?

Who this course is for:

  • Current and future English-speaking residents of, and visitors to, France

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