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A Full introduction to Drupal 8 theming in easy steps Course

A full introduction to Drupal 8 theming in easy steps Course

Learn all about the themes in Drupal 8

What you’ll learn

A full introduction to Drupal 8 theming in easy steps Course

  • Understand what Drupal 8 themes are

  • working with template files

  • Change any markup of a Drupal 8 website

  • Add CSS and javascript files to it

  • understanding the preprocess functions in Drupal 8

  • Understand the core concepts of the Twig templating language

  • create a Drupal 8 theme


  • Some experience with HTML and CSS and a tiny bit of PHP


Drupal 8 is out and from now on – every new Drupal website should be using the latest version of this wonderful Content Management Framework.

That means that we should learn to change the front-end of our Drupal 8 system – the way we need it.

There are two main things that are changing the game in the Drupal 8 theming

– Drupal 8 is built on top of the Symfony framework

– There are lessons learned from Drupal 7

that means that now the theming of a Drupal website is a bit different – everything is much more structured (almost all the markup is in template files), the templates are using Twig and everywhere one has to deal with code – one finds objects and classes.

In the end – it is not as scary as it looks like – simply everything evolved into something much better, much simpler, and elegant, something that is not applicable only in the context of Drupal and that is following general web-development best practices.

In this course, I tried to explain the general topics in the shortest and the clearest way possible as afterward I tried to illustrate everything with some simple examples. My opinion is that when you see some simple example working and when you try it by yourself – you already have the tools to investigate further and find exactly what you need to be done.

I’ve been doing drupal-development and theming for many years now – so I know exactly are the topics that are needed the most – I tried to include all of those and in the end, I wrapped all that was learned in an example website that we will convert together form a static HTML-CSS version into a working Drupal 8 theme.

Let’s conquer together with the Drupal 8 theming layer!

Who this course is for:

  • newbies to Drupal 8 that want to get started with Theming
  • Drupal 7 developers and/or people with any Drupal experience that want to learn how the theming in Drupal 8 is being done
  • people that have a Drupal 8 website and want to change its look
  • developers that want to see how Drupal 8 theming is being done
  • Last updated 4/2019

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