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Docker and Containers Essentials – Learn Docker

Docker and Containers Essentials – Learn Docker

Containerise Your Applications For The Cloud

What you’ll learn

Docker and Containers Essentials – Learn Docker

  • Docker

  • Creating Docker Images

  • Running Docker Containers

  • Package code into Images and Run Containers

  • Best Practices for creating Images

  • Debugging


  • Be able to use MAC or PC
  • Some basic knowledge of Terminal / Command Line


Packaging your applications with Docker means that it runs in all environments as it does in your local machine. Docker is a tool that has changed how applications are deployed. Virtual machines are not being used as much as they with the adoption Docker, this has made docker the standard in the software industry.

In this course, you will learn

  • What is Docker
  • The benefits
  • Images and Containers
  • Debugging
  • Docker Registries
  • Best practices to build docker Images

If it works on my machine it works on your machine.

Join me in the course to learn the one the best technologies in the last 10 years.

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