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Control System, Optimization and Hardware in Loop Simulation

Control System, Optimization and Hardware in Loop Simulation

using MATLAB, SIMULINK and Arduino

What you’ll learn

Control System, Optimization and Hardware in Loop Simulation

  • Fractional Order PID controller design and optimization

  • Fuzzy-PID controller design and optimization

  • Modeling of Physical Systems (e.g. D.C. Motor, Inverted Pendulum)

  • Time domain & Frequency Domain Analysis of Physical Systems

  • PID Controller Design for Systems (using Matlab and simulink)

  • Simulink Modeling of Power systems e.g. Load Frequency Control (LFC), Buck-Boost Converter, DVR

  • Basics of Optimization Algorithms

  • Genetic algorithm based optimization

  • Particle swarm optimization (PSO) Application


  • Matlab Basics

  • Theoritical Knowledge of System Modeling

  • Control System Basics

  • Power System Basics


Course Description:

In this course, you will learn basics of control systems starting from modeling of the system to the controller design of the same for specific application.

You will learn to create the system and design it’s controller (PID/FOPID/Fuzzy-PID) on MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment. The course will teach you modelling of various systems and design different controllers for them. You will be able to learn the concepts of Step response, Impulse Response, Bode Plot, Root Locus, Nyquist Plot etc. You will learn to simulate the systems on SIMULINK. System identification techniques will be taught as well to design controllers for real hardware. HIL simulation example has also been discussed in this course to give the better understanding of topic with hardware.

———-Some highlights—————

1. Well explained theoretical concepts.

2. Teaching with the flavour of hardware implementation

3. Learn to apply Optimization for different applications

4. Learn different types of controllers and their tuning methods

5. Arduino connections with MATLAB/Simulink

6. HIL simulation of PID using Arduino and MATLAB

7. System identification of real test hardware using input/output data

8. Total 8 modules with detailed practice content

What you’ll learn

· Control System Basics

· Optimization concept and application

· Modelling of DC Motor and Its Control

· Modelling and control of Inverted Pendulum

· Modelling and Control of Buck-Boost Converters

· Load Frequency Control

· Power Quality Improvement Technique (DVR)

· PID Controller Design and Simulation

· Fractional Order PID (FOPID) Controller Design and Simulation

· Fuzzy-PID Controller Design

· Cost or objective function designing

· Genetic Algorithm for Parameter Optimization of controllers

  • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • System identification technique using MATLAB
  • HIL simulation with PID controller using Arduino and SIMULINK

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

· MATLAB Software

· Basics of MATLAB

Who this course is for:

1) If you wanted to learn optimization, then you should take this course.

2) If you are an engineering graduate in control, then you must take this course.

3) If you are an Ph.D research scholar then you must take this course.

If you are a control engineer and wanted to learn more about the Optimization, then you should take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Control system designers
  • Engineers working in Power system industry
  • Academicians
  • Students, Research Scholars
  • Ph.D scholars
  • Graduate students
  • Last updated 9/2021

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