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Create modern CRUD web app with Laravel and Angular REST APIs

Create a modern CRUD web app with Laravel and Angular REST APIs

Learn how to use PHP and Typescript to construct an interactive online application.

What you’ll learn

Create a modern CRUD web app with Laravel and Angular REST APIs

  • How to build REST APIs and use Angular to interact with them.
  • Best practices for using RxJS, TypeScript, and PHP for managing data and failures.
  • I can finish a particular full-stack application from beginning to end.
  • You have a CRUD application that is operational.


  • You should be familiar with Laravel and Angular basics.
  • You must have VS CODE installed.


Welcome to this Angular and Laravel Course.

During the project, Typescript and PHP will both be used to build a web application. A CRUD (create-read-update-delete) web project will be developed.

What You’ll Learn: You’ll get hands-on experience with a number of Object-Oriented Programming design patterns and modern ways to talk to REST APIs with Angular.

You will learn how to use RXJS observables and subjects, the tap, map, and of() operators, subscriptions, services, dependency injection, sending HTTP requests, importing modules, and getting route parameters, properly unsubscribing, using Angular Material components, and paginating data.

We will use a current project to learn about controllers, models, routes, resources, collections, and other Laravel parts. Get More Courses From


Why should you Take this course?

  1. The course provides advice on the best ways to write code.
  2. The issue is important because of how the front-end and back-end services interact with each other and because it shows a real-life full-stack scenario.
  3. Once the ideas are understood, a person may design a full-stack online solution, add the project to their portfolio, or develop their programming abilities.
  4. Since I’ve been a teacher, mentor, and full-stack developer for more than 15 years, I want to share what I’ve learned and make courses that are easy for students to understand.
  5. This Class Is For: Web developers and anyone looking to advance or change job lines should enroll in this course. You need to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript, Angular, and Laravel/PHP in order for the course to go properly.
  6. Materials/Resources: It is necessary to have a basic understanding of how Laravel and Angular work. You will get everything you need as you go through the course in order to finish the project.

    We’ll use the Laravel Sail-container strategy for Laravel, which includes integrated MySQL and PHP containers. Any Windows, Mac, or Linux-based distribution may be used to launch the project.
  7. Use a local git repository to store your project’s progress if at all possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Laravel and Angular developers with some experience.
  • Developers interested in honing their coding abilities can investigate the Angular/Laravel stack.

Create a modern CRUD web app with Laravel and Angular REST APIs

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