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Continuous Integration with Docker and Jenkins: 4-in-1 Course

Continuous Integration with Docker and Jenkins: 4-in-1 Course

Learn Jenkins and Docker together and bring improved speed and consistency to your automation tasks at ease.

What you’ll learn

Continuous Integration with Docker and Jenkins: 4-in-1 Course

  • Write a Dockerfile to build an image from it, and launch a container from that image

  • Deploy and run Docker containers efficiently by setting up Jenkins consistently and measuring your performance optimizations

  • Monitor, log and manage Docker containers and master the components required to run Docker in production

  • Master the art of Jenkins management like adding a build node, security and plugin management

  • Work with automated builds of Jenkins like freestyle project, Git, scheduled builds, and up/downstream jobs

  • Build and test Java web applications


  • Basic knowledge of system administration is needed
  • The Basic knowledge of the software development life cycle and Java development is needed
  • Basic knowledge of Jenkins is a plus point


Jenkins and Docker are that widely used tools that help automate an IT Infrastructure efficiently. Using them together makes development, testing, and deployment much easier and much faster.

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 4 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The second course,

Deploying and Running Docker Containers

, walks you through a basic deployment-pipeline setup in Jenkins. Next, create two minimal Docker environments: one for development and one for production.

You will understand the main parts of Jenkins and create different types of Jenkins projects to automate everything that you want. You will finish the first course by looking at a Java web project and creating the necessary steps to build and test it, thereby empowering you to implement it in a real project.

The fourth course,

Effective Jenkins: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline

, covers key concepts of DevOps and delve into Jenkins Pipeline, a set of plugins that provides a toolkit for designing simple-to-complex delivery pipelines as code. To design a production-ready delivery pipeline, you will start by creating a simple pipeline and understanding Jenkins Pipeline terms and its particularities. Next, you will set up Docker to create isolated build environments. To consolidate your learning, you will create a delivery pipeline to build, test, and deploy a Java web project.

By the end of this training program you’ll be thoroughly equipped with the concepts of Docker and Jenkins and will be able to effectively to build, test, and deploy your software.

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Continuous Integration with Docker and Jenkins: 4-in-1 Course

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