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Guide on how to use Asana | Be more productive!

Guide on how to use Asana | Be more productive!

When you start working with Asana, you’ll learn how to set up your first project and how to better manage your project and team.

What you’ll learn

Guide on how to use Asana | Be more productive!

  • Take the Asana course.
  • Become a better project manager.
  • How to set up Asana from the ground up.
  • Asana: How to use projects.
  • Using Asana to set up teams and projects.
  • Learn how to best use Asana.
  • How to work together with Asana.
  • Get to know how to keep track of project progress and efficiency.
  • Asana: How to use the Advanced Search in the app.
  • Learn how to use the different Asana views.
  • Asana project management can be hard to get good at.
  • You need to know everything you need to know about project management with Asana to start.
  • You can run your projects on ASANA.
  • Asana: How to use tasks.


  • There are no rules to follow.


This course is great for people who are new to Asana. It will help them learn how to set up and use Asana. Asana is very useful for entrepreneurs, project managers, and anyone else who works with a group. It is also very useful for people who work alone.

Asana is a web and mobile work management platform that helps teams organize, track, and manage their work. It can also be used on your phone or tablet. People who work in a company or on a team can use it to make communication easier between them. This is an in-depth course that covers all the new features of Asana.

We’re going to learn about what this class is about.

  1. Asana: This is an overview.
  2. The different privacy settings available and how to choose the one that’s best for you – 1.
  3. This section talks about different privacy settings and how to choose the one that is best for you.
  4. Asana has projects.
  5. In Asana, you can start a new project.
  6. As soon as the profile was set up, it was ready
  7. Asana: Making a new task on the app.
  8. Making someone do something in Asana
  9. Make sure your task or tasks have due dates
  10. moving from one view or section to another
  11. In Asana, you can add a description or write down how to do a task.
  12. Communicating with your team about what they need to do
  13. adding someone to a project
  14. How to set up notifications and how to manage them.
  15. A task can have subtasks added to it.
  16. How do I use “My tasks”?
  17. Different ways to put things in order
  18. Tasks are given to people who need to approve them.
  19. The next step is to set up follow up tasks.
  20. Assigning a single task to several projects
  21. Keeping track of alerts
  22. The process of moving between different boards/views
  23. The search is more advanced now.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and people who work.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to be better at running their team.
  • Project managers who want to be.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Asana from the beginning.

Guide on how to use Asana | Be more productive!

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