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Embedded Linux using Yocto – Course Site

Embedded Linux using Yocto – Course Site

Learn Yocto Project

What you’ll learn

Embedded Linux using Yocto – Course Site

  • Yocto Project Terminology: poky, bitbake, oe-core, metadata, recipe, classes, configuration, layers, image, and packages

  • Setting up a build environment for Yocto development

  • Build an image and run it in QEMU for x86-64 and ARM architecture

  • Understand and explore the various directories: source and build

  • Booting Process in Beagle Bone Black and Raspberry Pi3

  • Build and flash Yocto Image on Beagle Bone Black and Raspberry Pi3

  • Various Yocto Project Releases and Frequency, which one to choose

  • Using meta-ti layer, build an image for beaglebone black


  • Ubuntu or Linux host PC for development

  • Basic Linux Knowledge of commands

  • Good to have Beagle Bone Black or Raspberry Pi3, else you can use QEMU


Become a Yocto developer and create a custom embedded Linux image for your custom board

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What will you learn in this course?

  • We will start with the basic concepts and terminology of Yocto
  • Set up our development PC for building Yocto
  • Build and Run generated Yocto Image on QEMUX86-64 and QEMUARM
  • Build various images provided by Poky (Minimal, Sato, etc)
  • Add packages to the generated image
  • Exploring Build and source directories
  • Understand the booting process of Raspberry Pi3 and Beaglebone black
  • Adding custom layers to the build
  • Generate and Flash Yocto images for Raspberry Pi3 with a meta-raspberrypi layer
  • Generate and Flash Yocto Images for Beaglebone black with and without a meta-ti layer
  • Adding ssh support
  • Yocto Release Process: Frequency of releases, Types of Releases, and Release lifecycle

What if I have questions?

You can ask questions anytime using the Q/A section. We love to answer your questions. You also get access to existing Questing and Answers

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Who this course is for:

  • Easy understanding of how Yocto works
  • Wants to try running Yocto on QEMU/Beagle Bone Black/Raspberry Pi3
  • Understand the booting process of Raspberry Pi3 and Beagle bone black

Embedded Linux using Yocto – Course Site

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