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Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140)

Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140)

Learn how to plan, deliver, and keep track of high-performance Azure Virtual Desktop architectures (and pass AZ-140)

What you’ll learn

Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140)

  • Plan how to use Azure virtual desktops.
  • Then set up a good virtual desktop environment on Azure.
  • Manage apps, security, and users in virtual desktop architectures built with the Azure cloud.
  • Monitor the virtual desktops in Azure.


  • Ideally, students should have a good understanding of the basics of Azure.


This course covers everything you need to know to design and build Azure Virtual Desktop environments that work well and pass Microsoft certification exams. Make sure you know this: This course will help you pass this exam, but it’s mostly about making sure Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environments work well in real-world deployments. This is why this course is important.

Students will enjoy detailed and fun lectures, step-by-step hands-on lab exercises, and regular tests to make sure they remember what they learned. There is a full practice exam for the certification test on this subject included in this course. People who want to pass this test can also enjoy it.

This course goes over everything Microsoft said were important content areas. These fields are:

– Decide how to use Azure Virtual Desktops.

– Set up a virtual desktop infrastructure in the cloud with Azure.

– To control access and security:

– Take care of the user environment and apps

– Keep an eye on and maintain an Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Exam objectives set by Microsoft are covered in this course, as well as the AZ-140 exam for the Aure Virtual Desktop solution and the AZ-140 exam itself.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to plan, deliver, and maintain Azure virtual desktop environments, as well as for those who want to pass the Microsoft AZ-140 exam.

Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop (AZ-140)

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