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Civil Engineering BUILDING Drawing AutoCAD Mastery from ZERO

Civil Engineering BUILDING Drawing AutoCAD Mastery from ZERO

This is the ONLY COURSE that Makes your Professional AutoCAD Draftsman from beginner to Pro like ARCHITECT & CIVIL ENGINEER

Civil Engineering BUILDING Drawing AutoCAD Mastery from ZERO

What you’ll learn

  • Basic & Advanced AutoCAD Commands Mastery
  • Students Interested to Start their Own Consultancy & Start Freelancing Works
  • Create your Own Floor Plans in AutoCAD with High Accuracy
  • Master AutoCAD Software and Start your own Consultancy
  • Learn to Create Residential building Plans with AutoCAD


  • Passion for Learning & Patience to Practice



– Most of the Online  Courses on AutoCAD are just meant to Teach all the AutoCAD Commands and make you Remember them and get frustrated when you can’t apply them on Real projects.

Are you one among them who fall into this group of people where you learn all Commands and Cant Apply them ???

Believe Me – Only 0.5 %  of  AutoCAD users know that only  8-10 Commands are Generally Used to Complete any Complex project that you want to Finish.

In this course, We will teach you the Exact Commands which a practicing

Structural Engineer & Architect

uses in his Daily practice and finish the drafting of the Project with High  Accuracy and get More and More Clients.

How the Course Will Flow ————————————–

  1. We will understand the Science Behind Building Planning and a few theory regarding the types of buildings.
  2. we  will Directly Start to work on Live Residential Building  Project and Start to plan it by creating a line Diagram – Plan – Section – Elevation

The outcome of the Course

  1. Students Will be able to Draw their First Line Diagram of the building  with Concepts of Space  planning and  create them on AutoCAD With Plan – Elevation – Section
  2. All the Above Dream of Becoming a professional AutoCAD Draftsman and Starting your Consultancy or First Freelancing Work  will happen if you practice this Software’s Daily

Who this course is for:

  • AutoCAD Professionals
  • Civil Engineers
  • Architectural Students
  • Interior Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • All Other Students & learners interested to Start their Freelancing AutoCAD Works

Civil Engineering BUILDING Drawing AutoCAD Mastery from ZERO