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English Verb To Be: Speak clearly and in the present tense

English Verb To Be: Speak clearly and in the present tense

A step-by-step guide to fluency in English, with drills for listening, speaking, and conversation, as well as written work.

What you’ll learn

English Verb To Be: Speak clearly and in the present tense

  • You’ll be able to appropriately employ the verb “to be” in sentences and conjugate the word in the present tense.
  • With the present tense of the verb “TO BE,” you will be able to create and use contractions.
  • You won’t have to pause or mentally interpret your words; you’ll be able to talk swiftly and accurately.
  • With plenty of practice tasks in both the written and spoken word, your vocabulary as well as your listening, reading, and speaking
  • abilities will all increase.


  • This course is designed for beginning English speakers who already have a basic vocabulary and a grasp of sentence structure but who wish to be able to conjugate verbs correctly while speaking fast. This course will help you stop pausing and begin using the verb TO BE in the present tense naturally, automatically, and without thinking about it—just like native English speakers do. If you are still pausing in your sentences try and think of the proper verb conjugation to use or if you are pausing and translating words in your head, this course will help you. I’ll show you how to make contractions, employ the verb in both positive and negative sentences, and conjugate the verb. I provide you with writing assignments to help you reinforce what you learn. Together, we practice utilizing the verb TO BE in the present tense in speaking exercises until it comes effortlessly to you and you are surprised by how naturally you are speaking. You’ll pick up some vocabulary that you can use in the practice exercises, but since I don’t speak your language, you’ll need to have access to an English-your-language dictionary or a translation app like Google Translate or Deepl to be able to correctly interpret and comprehend the vocabulary we use. The only additional need will be a location where you can view the movies and talk aloud. In this lesson, speaking aloud is critical. The words cannot be “thought” about when we are practicing. You must say them aloud to your favorite toy, your pet, or yourself. You are capable of doing this. I can assist you.


The ability to speak naturally in English without halting in the middle of a sentence to consider the correct conjugation of the verb you want to employ is what you want most if you’re learning the language, isn’t it? You want to be able to rapidly and automatically use the appropriate term.

You will be able to pronounce the right verb conjugation for the present tense of the verb TO BE after completing this mini-course. The lectures, practice activities, and speaking drills are intended to help you become more fluent in speaking and conjugation so that you won’t have to pause mid-sentence to figure out whether to use the words “is,” “am,” or “are,” or translate the conjugation in your mind. Right now, you’ll be able to utilize the verb in its proper form, just like a native English speaker.

You’ll discover both positive and negative ways to utilize the verb “to be.”

You will discover how to use the verb TO BE to create contractions (conjugated in the present tense).

You will also practice using the present-tense form of the verb TO BE until it comes naturally to you.

As we practice using the verb “to be” in phrases, you could also pick up some new vocabulary terms.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for you if you’re ready to quit halting during conversations to attempt to remember the appropriate verb conjugation to employ, then stumble through your sentences afraid of whether you’re doing it correctly. We concentrate on one present-tense verb. You will learn how to conjugate and utilize the present tense of the verb “to be” in this course without hesitating, reflecting, or mentally translating it. exactly as an English native would.

English Verb To Be: Speak clearly and in the present tense

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