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Yogananda Meditation For Deep Daily Practice – Free Udemy Courses

Yogananda Meditation For Deep Daily Practice – Free Udemy Courses

Learn how to meditate deeply while getting the support you need to create a solid daily meditation practice at home.

What you’ll learn

Yogananda Meditation For Deep Daily Practice – Free Udemy Courses

  • We de-mystify meditation with clear, concise, and practical guidance.
  • Develop and explore your daily practice with dynamic personalized support.
  • Experience the depth and power of the ancient Yoga teachings on meditation as they were taught in the West by Paramhansa Yogananda.


  • Just need to show up and do your part! Work with one section at a time and dedicate at least one week to it. Meditate using the mp3 files or on your own for at least 10 minutes per day to start.


This course teaches Yogananda’s meditation techniques for beginners.

Make Inner-peace and joy the cornerstone of your life.

A systematic approach, practical tools, and individualized support to help you develop your daily meditation until it becomes a life skill.

Take our meditation class challenge!

Use our proven technique of meditation and practice once per day -even for ten minutes and you will soon find yourself craving this special time. Your level of joy and peace in daily activities will rise. Your “emotional fuses” will get longer and you will feel anxiety, anger, or depression less often and with less intensity. As your practice of meditation continues to deepen the results of your efforts become more powerful. Calmness, and Joy that radiate from within are the attributes of those who meditate deeply.

You’ll learn an ancient technique of meditation from India as it was taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of

Autobiography of a Yogi


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who sincerely wants to meditate.
  • Anyone who seeks spiritual growth, and to have more fun.
  • Anyone who seeks freedom from anxiety, anger, fear, or worry.
  • Anyone who wants to access higher wisdom or inner guidance within.
  • Anyone who seeks to test their own spiritual or religious beliefs through personal experience.

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