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Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

Online Photography course – Using simple lighting gear to get much better portraits… from mild to wild.

What you’ll learn

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

  • Beginning photographers will be able to increase the quality of their portraiture greatly with each class
  • Intermediate photographers who are not familiar with fill flash, or adding small strobes to location portraiture will find the confidence they need
  • Use small strobes and speedlights to do studio-type work no matter where you are working
  • Blend ambient light with strobes in nearly any light – and be confident that the results are exactly what you want
  • Natural light enthusiasts will find it easy to see how strobe can be used to enhance an otherwise natural light shot
  • Beginning Beauty and Fashion photographers will find ways to add to their headshot arsenal
  • Fully understand the many different ways to make portraits with natural light, enhanced natural light, and strobes


  • Photographers should be reasonably comfortable with the operation of their cameras.

  • A list of items that are suggested as well as links to Amazon for purchasing if you wish:


This is an ongoing photography course: New work and assignments will be added to this workshop as it becomes available or as needed for explanations. If you have something you want to see, or a lighting idea that you would want me to explore, let me know.

(Two New courses were added in May 2013. Location Portraiture)

Once purchased, you may access the class and lectures whenever you want. There is no limit or time frame to access.

We will examine fresh ways to use natural light, augmented natural light, strobes with both natural light and as the main lights only, and how to create our reality with only a single Speedlight.

Over Seven and a half full hours of video tutorial on creative portrait photography:

shooting, explaining, shooting, and Photoshopping.

Fourteen + downloadable PSD files

in layers to see exactly what we did with the Photoshop work… and use them to understand the Photoshop videos you are watching.

With over

three and a half hours of bonus material

, including class webinars, this course continues to grow. All members are welcome to our webinars that feature ideas, Photoshop tips, lighting schemes, and more.

We show the setup and how the image is put together, adding fill cards and additional tools as necessary to make the images WE want to see.

Follow along as I set the lights, find the exposure, work with the models and build the image to what I want it to be.

Understanding how to use light to make the portraits you want means you can make creative portraits at almost any time you want.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Using the small flash for lighting portraits
  • How to make traditional ‘Beauty” portraits
  • Using a single light to produce extraordinary results
  • Working with models and subjects
  • How to blend ambient daylight with your strobes – and do it easily
  • Using modifiers like umbrellas and softboxes and knowing which you want to use
  • Adding strobe to bring the subject into a very contrasty situation
  • Adding contrast with a wink of strobe in very flat lighting
  • Creating your reality with lighting
  • Methods for making the most beautiful natural light headshots you can

In addition, we show the post-production of the images in Photoshop so you can learn to use some basic, and yet very useful tools in the post to make the shots pop even more. We include the PSD files in layers for you to download and view as we are doing the Photoshop demonstrations in the videos.

  • Learn how to add small amounts of “light” to an image
  • Simple moves with the Curves Adjustment can make so much difference
  • How to simply retouch faces to eliminate blemishes
  • Using layers for more control
  • Adding depth with contrast and attention to detail

There will be several scheduled live sessions to discuss your images and to answer any questions you may have. In addition, there will be additional shoots added one per month until 12/31/2012.

If you are familiar with your camera and would like to be able to make better portraits without spending a ton of money on gear, check out this set of portrait photography tutorials.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning photographers who have a basic understanding of their cameras
  • Intermediate photographers who may need some understanding of using flash and ambient
  • Budding fashion and beauty photographers who want to explore some new ways of shooting portraits
  • Anyone who wants to make a lot better portrait without spending a ton of money on gear they may not need
  • People photographers who want to understand the portrait process better
  • Anyone who wants to make interesting photographs of people=

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