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Voice-Over Audio Production with Adobe Audition CC

Voice-Over Audio Production with Adobe Audition CC

A step-by-step Adobe Audition course for beginning to advanced voice-over artists and presenters.

What you’ll learn

Voice-Over Audio Production with Adobe Audition CC

  • Why is Adobe Audition CC software used for audio projects?
  • How to improve your voice and fix audio issues using Adobe Audition.
  • Setting up Adobe Audition for your studio the way you want it to be
  • The key components of the program are described step-by-step with detailed screenshots.
  • Training on each phase of the editing process in great detail.
  • This is a description of the tasks and possibilities available to independent voice actors.
  • How to increase your revenue as a voice artist by finding customers.
  • HD video training videos in broadcast quality that last for about 4.5 hours.
  • It has seven more chapters and a 65-page PDF with pictures that can be downloaded.


  • You must be willing to learn new things, open your mind, and speak up when you need to.

    A starter version of the program Adobe Audition CC

    A suitable computer, display, and speakers.


What makes a voiceover really successful?

It involves learning how to use Adobe Audition, the industry-standard program that is the greatest tool for voice actors. You’ll need to hire an engineer or reserve a third-party studio if you decide to teach yourself how to use this miraculous program. The whole amount is yours to keep!

You will utilize Adobe Audition, a product of the creative cloud, to record, edit, and improve your voice-over recordings during the course of your working day.

I’ll thus demonstrate which elements are necessary and, more significantly, which aspects you can usually overlook in your daily job. Once you realize this, the intimidating beast of audio software starts to resemble a pussycat in terms of cuteness and attractiveness.

Along with the straightforward keyboard shortcuts, I’ll demonstrate how the whole process becomes child’s play. I’ll demonstrate the quickest processes for recording and editing both your voice samples and your purchased scripts. And by learning all the components of Adobe Audition that a professional voiceover requires, I’ll teach you the fantastic tools built into the program to make your voice sound amazing and handle any technical issues.

Voice-Over Audio Production with Adobe Audition CC

win-win situation. The international industry standard for software is Adobe Audition. As a voiceover artist, you may have entire faith in it, and my training will have you working and making money quickly. Even if you haven’t begun your voiceover career yet, you already know that it’s an incredible and very lucrative moment to do so. We have more work because more museums and art galleries provide audio tools for visitors with frequently updated shows.

Avoid falling behind in this incredible change. Is that word mine? You see, life as a voiceover is so much fun if you like speaking, have some acting experience, enjoy being creative, and enjoy performing the occasional silly accent and character voices. It isn’t functioning. Each day is unique. You’ll see crystal-clear screenshots of the most recent version of the program, which will help you get up and running quickly. Again, there are portions geared toward absolute novices.

I’ll go through the necessary equipment, how to wire it all together, and where to set up your home voice recording studio. A thorough PDF book is also available for download, along with other significant resources. With this training, you’ll be well on your way to saying goodbye to your previous existence of a monotonous, poorly compensated career that lacks creativity. Yes, are you now on your way to a promising new future in which you won’t ever look back?

Please have a look at it. If you decide “Not really for me, no hard feelings” midway through the course. Even though I’m very certain you’ll find it beneficial, we’ll give you every cent of your purchase back. I do not anticipate that occurring.

Who this course is for:

  • Voiceovers who are just getting started and want to know how to set up their studios efficiently and affordably.
  • Voice actors with their studios want to learn how to use Adobe Audition so they can be more productive and make more money.
  • Voiceovers for seasoned stage and TV performers who wish to learn how to diversify their source of income with voiceovers.
  • Audition® voice editing capabilities are of interest to employees of audio production studios.

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