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Ace the SAT Math Test | Includes Concepts + Solved Test – Free Udemy Courses

Ace the SAT Math Test | Includes Concepts + Solved Test – Free Udemy Courses

Concepts and solved questions to help you ace the SAT Math Test

What you’ll learn

Ace the SAT Math Test | Includes Concepts + Solved Test – Free Udemy Courses

  • Approach the most basic question types in the SAT quantitative section with confidence anda  deeper understanding
  • Understand the basics of ratio, proportion, percentages, decimals, mixtures, rate and distance, rate and work, and rate and time
  • Learn how to form and solve equations involving numbers
  • Learn how to solve math problems quickly


  • No prior knowledge required

  • Keep a notebook and pencil or pen handy

  • Download the free SATs available on the official SAT website


Do you wish to learn how to approach the most basic question types tested on the SAT Math/Quantitative section?  The videos cover not only the basics but also a set of solved questions intended to make you comfortable with numbers on the SAT. Armed with a sound understanding of the basics, you can be assured that your dream undergraduate school is not far away!

Here are some testimonials from my students:

Snigdha Sinha, Sr. Product Manager at Amazon:

When I finally resolved to take the test, Prasad’s guidance was crucial in Verbal and Quantitative. Whenever I was stuck with a question, say why a certain critical reasoning question said the answer was a, and I was stuck to b, he would patiently explain from different angles, analogies, etc. I would often just quickly email him a screenshot of a problem I was stuck with and he would reply in a jiffy.

GMAT will appreciate how being stuck on a single question can eat 2 hours of your time and having someone around who is willing to come back to you very quickly, with an answer that has solid reasoning and not just “this is just how it is”, especially with sentence correction questions. Prasad was also extremely open to me picking up questions from any portal/forum I liked and helped me get the best out of GMAT prep packages. He has designed his own question sets and they are very high quality.

Another thing I wanted to specifically point out – Prasad has trained so many people and understands the exams so deeply that he was able to help me a lot more than the knowledge out there – for example, he told me that reading comprehension has a higher weightage. He guided me on how to dissect convoluted passages and my enhanced score report shows a 51 on RC.

Rahul Ahlawat, Program Manager at PayPal


I interacted with Prasad in two areas – as a student in a GMAT English class, and, as an MBA applicant who took his help in improving essays. I would say he was off the charts in the quality of effort that he provided to me in either of these cases. What came out from the very beginning was how dedicated Prasad was to teaching and helping the student improve. I felt that Prasad worked in a way that linked my success to his success.

He was just that dedicated. Secondly, he proved to have such an immense knowledge of the courses and subjects that he was, to me, just amazing. I thought I knew English but he made me question that belief – he was just that good. His commitment to my cause and the quality of his effort were two main reasons why I was able to get a 700+ on GMAT and then prepare and put in 10 applications within 2 months. I credit my GMAT / MBA admissions success to Prasad.

Abira Chatterjee, Country Finance Director, CFO Italy and Spain, Amazon:

Prasad helped me in my MBA application process and his contribution was significant and played a key role in the success of my applications. His essay writing style is very effective and to the point, at the same time covering every important aspect in a very aesthetic manner. He guided me on how should I approach the essays, he always understood what the question requires and which points should be highlighted and he was always successful in delivering a high-quality and powerful essay from the information that I provided to him. Strongly recommend it, thanks, Prasad!

When people think about standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, or GMAT, they think of expensive courses or private tutoring. The SAT, GRE, or GMAT are the path to a top graduate course, Masters’s program, or MBA program. No wonder they’re priced so high.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

High fees charged by institutes aside, the glut of study material promising the moon confuses more than enlightens.

I realized: it doesn’t have to be this way.

These tests test only basic verbal and math skills, ones we’ve spent 15 years or more of our lives learning. They focus on but a fraction — pun intended — of these skills. So why not focus on the study material that covers the most important concepts, and leave the rest to good, old practice?

So I explored the tests and distilled them down to the main concepts they test students on. I then created a to-the-point video course that threshes out the basics in terms of concepts, adding just enough spice via sample problems.

The result is my new course, Foundations of Math for the SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

What will YOU get from this course?

  • -Over 20 lectures and close to 1 hour of content!
  • -Understand the basics of rate, time, and distance
  • -Understand the basics of rate and work
  • -Method of solving crucial questions on rate, time, and distance
  • -Method of solving most frequent questions on rate and work
  • -Understand the basics of ratio and proportion
  • -Understand the basics of fractions and percentages
  • -Understand the basics of decimals and mixtures
  • -Solve critical questions on ratio and proportion
  • -Solve popular questions on percentages
  • -Solve regularly asked questions on digits, decimals, and mixtures
  • – Understand the basic concepts of algebra, equations, and simultaneous equations
  • – Understand the basic concepts of properties of lines and angles
  • – Understand the basic concepts of properties of triangles
  • – Understand the basic concepts of properties of circles

This course covers all the basics and also emphasizes how to approach problems based on the concepts. There are one or two sample questions for each topic that’s covered. I recommend that you try the sample problems on your own before looking at the solutions.

I created this course because I genuinely feel that the basics of Math tested on standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, or GMAT are quite straightforward and should not take long hours of sifting through various resources. Of course, learning the basics is not the same as a regular practice, which I highly recommend you do.

If you have any questions about any of the concepts, feel free to post them in the Q and A forums. I will look at every question and will try to respond to each question as soon as I can. All the best.

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for the SAT
  • Students who want to ace the SAT, especially the SAT Math sections

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