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Spiritual Healing and Wireless Treatment (Power of ALLAH) – Free Udemy Courses

Spiritual Healing and Wireless Treatment (Power of ALLAH) – Free Udemy Courses

Crash Course for Awareness About Spiritual Healing and Wireless Treatment through Holy Verses of Quran

What you’ll learn

Spiritual Healing and Wireless Treatment (Power of ALLAH) – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn about new kinds of treatment methods in Islam
  • Learn about the founder of spiritual wireless treatment
  • Learn how spiritual wireless treatment can transform the world
  • Learn how you can bring this knowledge into the field of health & wellness


  • You must be a Sunni Muslim of Islam

  • You must believe in the Spiritual Powers of Muslim Saints of Islam

  • MMORPG gaming background is strongly preferred such as World of Warcraft


The purpose of this crash course

is to bring awareness regarding spiritual wireless treatment for curing incurable diseases using Holy verses of the ancient Holy book “Quran” by the Power of ALLAH (God)

It is an awareness course with practical evidence and real-world examples

so no practical training will be provided in this crash course (

stay tuned for the upcoming course for it

) but you’ll have a deep understanding of the legendary cure process of Islam for spiritually and remotely treating incurable patients by the Power of Allah.

You might have heard about

“Asif ibn Barkhiya” who spiritually and remotely transferred the Throne of Bilqis within the blinking of an eye when the Throne was requested by Prophet Sulaiman (

peace be upon him

) so you’ll get knowledge regarding similar technology that can be utilized for treating incurable patients from the comfort of your home.

If you have played games like

World of Warcraft, DotA2, League of Legends, Heroes Evolved, or Arena of Valor then you must be familiar with how healing spells and curses work for a hero so what if you can become a spiritual hero in your real life? : )


Non-Muslims will not find this course helpful because it is for Muslims with gaming backgrounds and interests in spiritual powers who believe in Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (

peace be upon him

) of Islam.

Who this course is for:

  • Muslim Gamers interested tinssteppinginto Spirituality
  • Muslim Doctors / Healers / Psychologists
  • Muslim Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
  • Muslim Coaches / Consultants
  • Muslim Scientists / Spiritualists
  • Muslim Journalists / TV Anchors / Hosts

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