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Ultimate Home Automation Using Advance AI Assistant (JARVIS)

Ultimate Home Automation Using Advance AI Assistant (JARVIS)

With the help of an AI assistant, you can make your home more efficient (JARVIS 2.0)

What you’ll learn

Ultimate Home Automation Using Advance AI Assistant (JARVIS)

  • By making an Artificial Intelligence Assistant, you can learn how to use python.
  • Study and use what you learn about IoT and home automation.
  • Using an AI assistant, you can make your home completely automated (JARVIS2.0).
  • A complete case study about Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, IoT & Home Automation, as well as a lot more.


  • There is no need to know how to write code.


In this course, we’ll make a virtual AI assistant (JARVIS 2.0) with the Python programming language and use an Arduino UNO microcontroller to make our home more efficient. That one from Marvel’s Iron Man movie will be a lot like this one, too,

What will you learn in the class?

  1. The basics of Arduino
  2. Installing the Arduino IDE
  3. On the Arduino, the built-in LED lights up.
  4. Blink the LED.
  5. A group of LEDs that are blinking together
  6. LEDs that show how the user is interacting with the LEDs
  7. Control of the Relay by a user
  8. Using Arduino, make a smart bulb that responds to user input.
  9. Using Arduino, make a two-way switch for your smart bulbs.
  10. An LED Bulb that blinks.
  11. In this case, the Smart Socket is called that.
  12. Smart Socket with a Timmer on it
  13. Based on LDR, you can control your lights with LDR.
  14. When the lights move, they turn on and off automatically.
  15. Lamps can be controlled from afar.
  16. Control the computer
  17. Control a light bulb, lamp, fan, or other appliance with voice commands.
  18. Use Voice Commands to Control the RGB Strip and Change the Colours.

It keeps going on with all of the features and the list of things.

Is it possible to have an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant?

An intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) or intelligent personal assistant (IPA) is a computer program that can do things for you based on what you say or ask it to do.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python programmers are interested in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Beginner Arduino programmers who are interested in IoT and home automation.

Ultimate Home Automation Using Advance AI Assistant (JARVIS)

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