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The Starseeds Fellowship – Find your origin – Free Udemy Courses

The Starseeds Fellowship – Find your origin – Free Udemy Courses

Intensive with an international certificate, Activation at 432hz, Private Group

What you’ll learn

The Starseeds Fellowship – Find your origin – Free Udemy Courses

  • Discover your Starseed Family
  • Knowledge about Starseed Awakening
  • Brief traits about the races
  • Guided activation meditation


  • These courses are not influenced by any theosophical or new age schools. We are free thinkers, so the student must be open-minded.

  • We recommend having basic knowledge about chakras, aura, and energetic definitions.

  • The tutor is not a native English speaker, we appreciate your patience


Why Starseeds are incarnated on this planet?

In Australia, in the year 1954 the astronomer Joseph Pawsey found an intense point source near the center of this belt Sagittarius A and realized that it was located at the very center of our Galaxy. But Mayan astrologers knew about it 4,000 years ago.

The Pleiadian navigators better known as Mayans said that since the year 2012 a new time starts for humanity, where we will receive direct emanations from the center of the galaxy, a big black hole that is marking the rhythm of the whole galaxy. These direct emanations will last for 1000 years.

The changes will be strong and the earth needs to be prepared. Our 12 DNA strands need to be activated. That 97% of DNA that scientists consider junk, is the one that is getting active in the Starseeds to evolute their consciousness and help to build a new planet as healing agents, that is why we have more and more incarnated Starseeds on the planet.

Join the Starseeds fellowship, a course where we will activate our 12 DNA strands and get in contact with ancient Alien wisdom!

What is a holistic therapy for?

Reconnect with your essence and spirituality;

Have balance for holistic health, considering: body, mind, emotions, and soul;

To make room for feelings and emotions;

Have healthy thoughts, attitudes, and relationships;

Free yourself from blocks and fears;

Feeling good and happy with yourself;

Discover your virtues and what moves you, creating a new reality in your life!

But how does Holistic Therapy work?

Holistic Therapies are a set of varied techniques, but some essential elements make up the work of all of them, to lead us to well-being and health!

One of these elements is self-knowledge, that is, knowledge of ourselves.

Many of us are used to focusing only on what happens outside of us (others’ opinions, news, happenings in society, at work, etc.). Self-knowledge is an invitation to understand what is going on inside us.

It is through self-knowledge exercises that we can: know our virtues, fears, and traumas; welcome our emotions and thoughts; understand the signals the body transmits; know what brings well-being to our lives.

Another important element of Holistic Therapy is the concept of having a holistic view of health, comprising our physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, energetic, and spiritual aspects.

Holistic therapy also works with spirituality. It has nothing to do with “spiritism” or “religion”. From the most religious person, even the most atheist can practice spirituality!

Spirituality is described as: “the human propensity to seek meaning in life through concepts that transcend the tangible, looking for a sense of connection with something greater than itself”. In other words, it is what brings meaning to life, and it is individual to each one.

Along with spirituality, some Holistic Therapies also address purpose.

We all have purposes in our life, family, work, etc. Therapy helps you recognize your life purpose, what your roles are, and how to live them out.

Holistic Therapy is indicated in cases of:

Body-mind-soul balance;

Search for your life purpose and spirituality;

To have more mental and emotional health: in cases of anxiety, stress, and other ailments;

When you feel you need help and rebalancing;

When you want to change your life;

To take care of your health in a natural way;

In the search for emotional intelligence and self-knowledge.

You can also learn holistic therapy to:

Help to unlock prosperity in your life;

Dealing with conflict in relationships;

To deal with trauma and anything else that is keeping your life from flowing as you wish!

All these benefits? Yes, everything in our life is interconnected!

With the help of Holistic Therapy, you will have more self-knowledge to understand the causes of this dissatisfaction and how it is possible to modify this pattern through the techniques. And also, prevent it with awareness.

Also, another benefit of holistic techniques is that they are completely natural and non-invasive, so they don’t generate any side effects.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for Starseeds or people who believe come from another solar system

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