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The Developer of Huawei Datacom Network Automation Complete Course

The Developer of Huawei Datacom Network Automation Complete Course

Automate configuration chores for your network using Python 3, TELNET, Netmiko, Napalm, NETCONF, and Ansible.

What you’ll learn

The Developer of Huawei Datacom Network Automation Complete Course

  • The Basics of Python 3 Network Programming
  • Create programs for Python 3 using network libraries (Telnet, Netmiko, and Napalm).
  • Utilize Python 3 to carry out network-automated operations.
  • NETCONF scripts for Huawei routers should be written.
  • Use Ansible to automate
  • You learn how to install all of the necessary modules on Ubuntu Linux with the help of the course.
  • All modules are connected and available for download. They include examples, practice problems, and all necessary scripts.


  • Network fundamentals
  • Basics of Python


Welcome to the Network Automation Developer Course for Huawei Datacom. Building huge automated networks that can expand and quickly respond to network changes have made network programming and automation one of the most crucial network issues. Because of its ease of use and extensive network module library, the Python programming language is often and extensively utilized by network engineers.

The course Python Network Programming for Huawei Devices covers installing Python 3 on Ubuntu Linux, removing Python 2 from the terminal, and installing network libraries (like Netmiko and Napalm) to connect with Huawei routers like a robot (on behalf of a network engineer) that can automatically gather data and configure the routers using Python scripts.

After completing this course, you will be comfortable using Python 3 and network modules. You will be able to build automated scripts to gather data about Huawei routers using the Netmiko library and Napalm different libraries, such as “display IP interface brief” or “display version,” build automated scripts to check IP connectivity to a specific IP address with the ping module and get the result and make automated configuration changes like configuring OSPF on H.

You will also learn how to use NETCONF to get information from the Huawei NE40 and set it up (set up interface and VLAN).

Ansible! You’ll discover what it is and how to automate tasks for Huawei devices. Automated script deployment is simple, scalable, and doesn’t call for Python programming expertise.

The module shows you how to install all the necessary modules on Ubuntu Linux.

Who this course is for:

  • Huawei Datacom network operations engineers
  • Engineers with Huawei Datacom are involved in network planning and design.
  • Engineers for Datacom Networks
  • Engineers for Huawei’s pre-sales networks