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A Survival Guide: From Engineer to Technical Manager Course

A Survival Guide: From Engineer to Technical Manager Course

Engineers can benefit from new manager training to help them transition from individual contributors to managers or team leaders.

What you’ll learn

A Survival Guide: From Engineer to Technical Manager Course

  • As you go from being an individual contributor to being a manager or team leader, succeed.
  • Avoid the usual mistakes that engineers make when they go into management.
  • Make your new team’s morale and production a priority.
  • How to find the finest candidates for your team
  • and the best ways to part ways with someone.
  • fostering fruitful interactions with top managers
  • How to manage your time effectively with all the additional meetings and communications


  • All you need is a basic understanding of the business world.


You now have the position of the manager! Congratulations! However, transitioning from an individual contributor to a management position is more difficult than any technical issue you may have encountered. The two types of management are quite different.

Frank Kane is here to support you through it. At the Seattle headquarters of Amazon, I progressed from a software engineer to a manager and finally to senior management. And in a very difficult situation, I managed to keep the best review scores and minimal staff turnover. I had to acquire a lot of management skills the hard way, but in this course, I’ll give you my success hacks.

By the conclusion of this course, you’ll be leading your team to accomplish goals that are well above what you could have done on your own. Additionally, you’ll be aware of the main mistakes brand-new technical managers make and how to prevent them. In other words, when you transition from managing robots to managing people, you’ll be prepared for success.

This program includes:

  1. The most crucial survival advice for brand-new managers is
  2. How to get your new team to produce results.
  3. Nobody ever taught you the fundamentals of managing people.
  4. By bringing on the top candidates for your team and firing those that are dragging it down.
  5. collaborating well with senior executives
  6. How to improve and sustain team morale to keep it active
  7. Tips for advancing your management career over time

I created this course with engineers or technicians entering their first management position in mind, but early-career managers may also use this advice. This course might also assist if you’re just thinking about moving from individual contributor to manager and want to know what you’re getting into.

This course is jam-packed with useful advice and exercises; we don’t mince words or spend time on pointless business jargon. Enroll today to increase your chances of succeeding as a manager, or watch the free sample lectures to see whether this program is right for you.

Who this course is for:

  • A new generation of technical managers
  • Engineers that want to transition into management.
  • Early-career managers seeking to enhance their teams’ performance and management