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The Complete Movavi Video Editor Course for Novices to Advanced

The Complete Movavi Video Editor Course for Novices to Advanced

Simple and Quick Video Editing Tricks

What you’ll learn

The Complete Movavi Video Editor Course for Novices to Advanced

  • Knowledge of audio and video editing and effects for text
  • Image-in-image editing
  • Highlights and hazy portions of a video.
  • Motion-tracking effect


  • You don’t need to know how to edit videos. Only your computer and the Movavi Video Editor program are required.


Anyone, even those with little prior experience, can edit films using the simple Movavi Video Editor program. In this course, I’ll show you how to use software from scratch and finally hone your editing abilities to a pro level.

In addition to wedding clips, marketing videos, tour films, training videos, and parting videos, to mention a few, you also have short and even lengthy videos for social media. The simplest program to utilize in your videos is this one.

I’ll demonstrate the following features:

Learn how to import different media.

Here’s how to import several media files, including music, video, and images. Additionally, included in Movavi Video Editor are audio, music, videos, backdrops, and sound effects. All of these built-in features are free to use in business settings.

Editing a timeline

The timeline will be where the majority of the modifications happen. I’ll demonstrate how to divide a video into its audio and visual components. I’ll demonstrate how to add a ton of tracks.

effects and text alterations.

Many predesigned text effects, some of which are animated, are available in Movavi. I’ll demonstrate how to utilize them to make intros and outros for videos.

Video editing using picture-in-picture

Another video is overlayed on top of another video as they all play at once in picture-in-picture mode. In this case, I’ll also demonstrate how to partition your screen into several pieces so you may view many videos simultaneously.

highlights and hazy portions of a video.

Highlighting an area is simple using the program. You may simultaneously follow the movement of the highlighted regions while highlighting the video’s main topic of interest. For instance, you could wish to draw attention to a certain automobile on a busy route filled with moving traffic. The utilization of track motion is simple.

A similar idea may be used to blur a portion of the video. For privacy reasons, you may wish to cover someone’s face in a video, perhaps a youngster.

Motion-tracking effect

Track motion is the process through which the artificial intelligence (AI) of Movavi Video Editor compares one item to another. When working, for instance, you may want words to follow you around.

These are just a few of the many options available with the program. This program is for you if you want to swiftly edit your video. The features mostly rely on templates.

Who this course is for:

  • For beginners to advanced students only.

The Complete Movavi Video Editor Course for Novices to Advanced

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