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Statistics & Probability for Data Science – 25+ Projects

Statistics & Probability for Data Science – 25+ Projects

Gain control over your data with Math & Stats foundation required for Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep learning

What you’ll learn

Statistics & Probability for Data Science – 25+ Projects

  • Learn Underlying Mathematics to build an intuitive understanding & relating it to Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Hands-On Code Implementation with Python for each mathematical topic to deepen the knowledge

  • Master the Advanced level in an Interactive learning approach to Strengthen your knowledge of Difficult & Important Topics

  • Understand the Importance of Probability & Distributions, and choose the right function for your data.


  • Basics of Python

  • Access to Laptop for code execution

  • Willingness to learn the Math Topic


The Growing availability of data has made way for Data Science and Machine Learning to become in-demand professions. We define

Statistics for Data Science – Predictive Analytics

as exposure to Statistics which is essential for anyone seeking a career in Data Science and Machine learning. In this course, you will get the required college math, statistics, and practical implementation from Data Analytics which are necessary to understand better what goes in the black box libraries(sklearn) that you would encounter in the Data Science Journey.

With this course, as a learner, you will be exposed to various Statistics and Machine Learning topics that will apply to real-world problems.

The Ultimate goal of taking this structured approach is to integrate everything we learn and demonstrate practical insights in using Machine learning and Statistical Libraries beyond a black-box understanding.

Why Learn from Us ??

I am a Lead Data Scientist at Manifold AI Learning, an e-learning company that is into the creation of e-learning courses in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep learning. Having been founded in the year of 2015, till now our YouTube Channel has more than 75k views around the globe, and 17k+ happy learners on Udemy each of the courses is the best in its specific topic. Apart from publishing the systems standalone, we have created some of the Top class products for Well-known brands in the e-learning domain.

As a Lead Data Scientist at Manifold AI Learning, apart from creating the e-learning content, I also provide Consulting Services enabling the companies to perform End to End Implementation of Data Science projects from initial Client interaction, Experimentation of Models, Operationalisation of Machine Learning Models in Production Environment, followed by Maintenance of Machine Learning Models. I have worked with more than 15 companies and helped them achieve more than 2M$ in collective revenue throughout my Involvement with Clients.

As a person who works closely with Business and the key challenges in its implementation, combined with my ability to create Interactive Courses, I would be a right fit to teach aspiring learners of Data Science and Machine Learning on this important topic of Mathematics and Stats for Data Science.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals underlying the abstractions of ML Algorithms, and expand the capabilities
  • A software developer who wants to develop the firm foundation for the deployment of Machine learning Algorithms into Production Systems
  • A Data Scientist who wants to reinforce the understanding of the Subjects at the core of the professional discipline
  • A Data Analyst or A.I enthusiast who wants to become a data scientist or ML Engineer and is keen to deeply understand the field you are entering from Level Zero.

Statistics & Probability for Data Science – 25+ Projects

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