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SSL/TLS Operations – Learn SSL/TLS

Everything about SSL/TLS that Developers, SRE and DevOps would need in their toolbox (including TLS 1.3)

What you’ll learn

SSL/TLS Operations – Learn SSL/TLS

  • Understand how the SSL/TLS certificate system works.
  • Procure, install, operate on SSL/TLS certificates following best practices.
  • Troubleshoot SSL/TLS issues and common vulnerabilities
  • Evolution of SSL/TLS and market share and position of various versions
  • TLS 1.3 and its properties.
  • Adapt and implement upcoming technology changes in SSL/TLS domain.


  • It should be an internet user.


This course is a deep dive into concepts, management, and operations of the SSL/TLS certificate system. It covers practical demonstrations of various operations on certificates. A review of various SSL/TLS versions and a deep dive into TLS 1.3 and its properties are the most recent part of the course. We also discuss some of the advanced topics like certificate transparency, Let’s Encrypt and ACME as well.

While this course gives you everything about the SSL/TLS system, it has targeted content for the website administrators as well. The reasoning and philosophy behind the driving principles give you enough knowledge to take architectural decisions as well as understand and troubleshoot various technical issues.

Who this course is for: