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Speak German like a Native

Speak German like a Native

Learn how to express yourself exactly as a German native speaker would. German Course with Alex, best-seller author.

What you’ll learn

Speak German like a Native

  • The #1 German Course. Start speaking like a native, effortlessly and confidently today.
  • Learn how to pronounce every word like a German native. Master the formal and the informal language. Understand the German dialects. Learn and use authentic German phrases, idioms, and expressions.
  • Discover and acquire German humour. Learn how to be funny in German. Master the slang, just like a German native.
  • Improve your listening, comprehension skills through ear training and visual learning thanks to the native German-speaking teacher, interactive board, and included .pdf materials and resources.
  • Become confident in your German skills with lots of practice after every lesson. Upgrade your German skills and your entire German communication.
  • Reach your German language goals now and in the future, increasing your opportunities for both personal and professional success.
  • By the end of the course, you will master the German language just like a native!


  • Beginner Level German knowledge is required.
  • The course is recommended to students who want to improve their German skills.
  • The video lessons are delivered in English.
  • If you’re a visual learner you’ll love the interactive board and the included .pdf materials.
  • Native German speaking teacher, free demo lessons


The #1 German Course Highlights: number of Hours – 24 video lessons – FULL HD Course / Interactive Board / Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson / Best Value for Money / Full Lifetime access / 30-Day Satisfaction or money back guarantee


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Complete German Syntax Course

In this course the native German-speaking teacher covers the following topics:

  • Native German pronunciation: learn it and master it!
  • Formal and informal language: how and when to use each of them.
  • Cultural and social vocabulary: learn how to communicate in different German contexts and situations.
  • Dialects: master the specific language skills.
  • Slang: you know you need it if you want to sound like a German native!
  • Nuances and subtleties of the humour: how to be funny in German, native style.
  • Practical examples of “do’s and don’ts” when speaking German
  • Effortless German conversation and communication: without grammar rules, complicated words or tricky rules.

The interactive board helps the visual learners.

The English teaching accelerates the learning speed, as German and English are both Germanic languages and share a large common vocabulary.

The course includes free .pdf support.

Deutsch Lernen!

This course includes:

  • This German course includes: FULL HD Video Lessons presented on an Interactive Board
  • This German course includes: Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson
  • This German course includes: Simple, friendly, and fun learning method to master the German language like a native
  • This German course includes: Native German pronunciation
  • This German course includes: Formal and the informal language
  • This German course includes: Different dialectsslang exactly like a native speaker
  • This German course includes: German phrases, idioms, and expressions
  • This German course includes: Tips and tricks – highly effective techniques to improve your German, native style
  • This German course includes: Listening and speaking practice
  • This German course includes: Testing and improving your knowledge using exercises
  • This German course includes: Testing and improving your knowledge using quizzes
  • This German course includes: Future Updates
  • This German course includes: Full Lifetime access
  • This German course includes: 30-Day Satisfaction or money-back guarantee
  • This German course includes: Access on computer, mobile, and TV


Do you wish to speak German like a native, but the language seems way too complicated?

The specific pronunciation of German with so many unusual words, expressions, and different dialects, cultural and social features… can all be so intimidating. That’s why I’ve created this course!

Hi, I’m Alex and I’ve been a German teacher for over 15 years. And now I bring you my course: “Speak German like a Native!”This course teaches you everything you need to know, with the fastest, most simple, and intuitive learning methods, so easy to apply. Getting all the results you want will be so quick and easy!

I’ll teach you how to pronounce every word and every sound just like a German nativelong and short vowelsspecial signs, and those difficult sequences of consonants. I’ll teach you how to master everyday languageunderstand different dialects, and even learn slang! exactly like a native speaker. We’ll go through the vocabularyformal and informal languageexpressions used at workwith friendswhen you meet someone nice, or maybe your new boss, or even your future mother-in-law! You’ll also learn how to be funny: German humour, native style! I’ll even teach you how to laugh – like a German!

That’s why, by the end of this course, you’ll be speaking and communicating in German just like a native, as you’ve always wanted.

And to make sure this is the right choice for you, I’m now offering you thirty days to test the methods in the course. If you’re not completely satisfied, for any reason, you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked. That’s zero risks, one hundred percent benefit for you. So don’t miss this chance.
Click the “Enroll” button now, and see you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn German fast and easy
  • Last updated 6/2021

Speak German like a Native

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