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Shopify Theme Development for Online Store 2.0

Shopify Theme Development for Online Store 2.0

Learn how to build a custom Shopify theme compatible with Online Store 2.0 (Liquid, Dawn, GitHub, Shopify CLI)

What you’ll learn

Shopify Theme Development for Online Store 2.0

  • How to develop for the Online Store 2.0

  • Learn how to customize the Dawn theme with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid

  • How to work with designer mockups

  • Become confident with working with Shopify themes

  • Start freelancing as a Shopify Developer


  • Basic HTML, CSS, and some understanding of Liquid

  • Basic programming knowledge

  • Modern Browser (Chrome, Brave, Safari, etc)


This course covers how to start developing for Shopify theme after the Online Store 2.0 update, the biggest update to Shopify themes to date. We will be going over:

– All of the changes that came with the 2.0 update and how they impact our development

– Creating a partner account and partner dashboard tour

– Shopify admin dashboard tour and product imports

– Integrating GitHub with Shopify Theme and Shopify CLI installation

– Making changes to the Dawn theme in accordance with designer mockups

– Importing custom fonts

– Building out a header

– Custom, dynamic homepage sections

– Customized collection grid and page

– Product page

– Footer

– The anatomy of a theme

– How to read designs

By the end of this course you will be comfortable creating a custom theme of your own. From designer mockups (or your own ideas) to a fully custom theme compatible with Online Store 2.0!

The new Shopify Online Store 2.0 updates introduced a simple GitHub integration with your Shopify Theme. Shopify has even widened the scope of the Shopify CLI to include themes.

Who is the course for?

Beginner or Intermediate developers looking to join the ecommerce revolution lead by Shopify. Ecommerce developers are in huge demand as we all become more comfortable shopping online. Every company is becoming a digital company.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate developers who want to start developing with Shopify themes
  • Developers wanting to upskill their Shopify knowledge
  • The Developers who want to start freelancing with Shopify
  • Developers wanting to create a Shopify theme
  • Last updated 9/2021

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