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Project Management PMP: Critical Path Primer – Free Udemy Courses

Project Management PMP: Critical Path Primer – Free Udemy Courses

A Free Short Course on Critical Path Analysis

What you’ll learn

Project Management PMP: Critical Path Primer – Free Udemy Courses

  • Critical Path analysis of project network diagram
  • How to perform the Forward Pass through the network diagram
  • How to perform the Backward pass through the network diagram
  • What Total Float is and how to calculate it
  • What the Critical Path is and how to find it
  • Why the Critical Path so important that they give it a name like Critical


  • Basic understanding of project scheduling


Are you a Project Manager or, would you like to be?  Perhaps you are preparing for the PMP exam or trying to figure out scheduling software.  Maybe, you simply want to hang out with your new buddy, Dean Sheppard for an hour.  Whatever your excuse, this is the course for you.  Project Management: Critical Path Primer will take you on a journey – forward and backward – through this elegant and essential scheduling tool.

You will learn:

  • What Critical Path means
  • What a Network Diagram is
  • How to create a Network Diagram
  • How to perform a forward pass through the schedule
  • How to perform a backward pass through the schedule
  • How to find the critical path that your project will follow – beginning through completion.

Your facilitator, the Dean, is a PMP (Project Management Professional) and has taught thousands of students in corporations and academic institutions worldwide.  He has impressive credentials including a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering and 3 advanced degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – in Mechanical Engineering and System Design and Management (Sloan School of Business).

Dash Academy offers several courses in Project Management, Project Leadership, Writing, and Business Communications.  If you like this course, find it easy to follow, entertaining, educational, and 5-star fun, give it a review.  Then send us a message and we will help you plan your learning path.

You may want to start with our comprehensive basics course.  “Project Management Everything for Everyone: Basics and Beyond”

Click on in.

Now, let’s learn some Project Management.

-Your Dash Academy Team

Who this course is for:

  • Project managers wanting to learn more about the Critical Path Method
  • Project managers preparing for a certification exam
  • Anyone wanting to learn a little more about project schedule analysis

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