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Sharepoint online create and manage sites

Sharepoint online create and manage sites

This course tells the whole story of the site owner from start to finish.

What you’ll learn

Sharepoint online create and manage sites

  • In what way is SharePoint Online different from SharePoint on the web?
  • Then, make a new, beautiful site.
  • It’s easy to make Web Pages.
  • Add a web part to your site
  • In this case, I will make documents. List and library
  • Manage the security
  • Use Power Automate and Power App Manage to make sure your apps get the OK from the people who want them.
  • More than that, too!


  • It doesn’t matter what you know about websites or Office 365.


In SharePoint Online, a Power User is someone who can do things like

This course tells the whole story of a site owner from start to finish in a fun and hands-on way. To be ready to plan and build new sites or manage an existing site in SharePoint Online, this course gives you the skills to do so.

You’ll also learn how Microsoft-managed SharePoint works with Power Platforms like Power Automate and Power Apps, so you can use them to do things.

You will learn how to figure out how to make SharePoint online users to your team by using a site’s functionality, sharing information, and working together with your team. During the course, you will also learn what to do and what not to do as you see real-life examples.

All the information about the class is in one place

  • One of the things to know about SharePoint Online
  • The place where all the information is kept
  • When you manage web content, you have to think about how to
  • The team works together.
  • Search
  • An introduction to the topology of a site
  • When and where to start a site
  • How do I start a new site?
  • The templates that are used to make a website
  • The Team Sites
  • Web Parts can be added and changed.
  • The process of getting rid of Wiki Pages
  • Content that can be used again
  • Approval of a web page
  • Setting up a time for Pages
  • It’s time to show off the Publishing Site.
  • Then, make and edit pages for publishing.
  • Making Page Layouts is how you can make your pages look the way you want them to
  • a service that manages metadata
  • In this lesson, we will learn about the different types of content.
  • To make and manage content types,
  • Content Types can be set up in this way.
  • Apps can use Content Types.
  • Making List and Library Apps
  • Changing the List and Library Settings
  • Columns can be added to the site
  • Create and manage columns in the App.
  • This word is more relevant: Sort and Filter Content in this way
  • Those are my own thoughts.
  • When you make apps, you can use alerts.
  • It’s a primer on security.
  • Requests to get in
  • Allowing people to do different things
  • Creating groups in SharePoint
  • A look at how inheriting security works
  • It’s important to keep apps and folders safe.
  • When you have the power, you can make a flow.
  • Make an app with a powerful app.

Who this course is for:

  • A powerful user of SharePoint
  • Learn how to make web pages
  • Admins of Sharepoint

Sharepoint online create and manage sites

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