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Seven Steps to Your Personal Wellness and Recovery – Free Udemy Courses

Seven Steps to Your Wellness and Recovery – Free Udemy Courses

for women who are ready to get their life back on track after brain surgery, brain injury, or epilepsy

What you’ll learn

Seven Steps to Your Wellness and Recovery – Free Udemy Courses

  • Stop suffering in silence and identify exactly what you need to reach your full wellness and recovery
  • Have the power to regain control of your life by changing your mindset to increase your confidence and prioritize your health needs
  • Find happiness, health,h and healing through healthy lifestyle habits in seven simple steps
  • Re-emerge as a bigger and better you in your mind, body, and spirit visualizes exactly what you want in your life and shine your light as you move on up!


  • For women who want to find happiness, health, and healing through positive lifestyles

  • Have the use of a printer for PDFs of planners and coaching questions


With my online coaching course, you will regain control, power, and confidence by making positive choices that will lead to your transformation.

Each phase has coaching questions and there are some planners too to make your life as simple as possible!

In Phase 1 we look at your situation and the effect it is having on you, and here you will carefully consider:

  • What exactly has happened to you and do you need more answers before you can move forward?
  • The various unexpected and unwelcome changes that have affected you and how you truly feel about them.
  • The impact of these changes on your health includes the state of your mind and spirit as well as your body.

In Phase 2 we look at how you do have the power to live your best life! Here you will look at the:

  • Changing your mindset and how being positive makes such a difference in your life.
  • Taking back control of your life and making choices for yourself again, will boost your confidence.
  • Managing your time properly, without any guilt, to help you prioritize your wellness and recovery!

In Phase 3 we look at taking action in seven areas that will transform your life! You will decide and plan what works best for you on your own:

  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Exercise and breathing
  • Sleep and rest
  • Relationships and boundaries
  • Career and purpose
  • Spirituality and self-belief
  • Hobbies and wellbeing

In Phase 4 we look at some final, additional ideas that will ensure you maintain the happiness, health, and healing you have now found. You will look at:

  • Your new and improved reality and identity
  • How important it is to forgive and let go of the past, to fully move on
  • Your future and how you can visualize and live it the way you want
  • How maintaining your seven steps will ensure your recovery and you will see how your mind body and spirit have all improved
  • You are going to shine your light for others to see and celebrate everything that you have achieved!

Who this course is for:

  • For women who are ready to take seven steps for wellness and recovery after brain surgery, brain injury, and epilepsy
  • To regain the control, power, and confidence lost by making positive choices, leading to a life-changing transformation.

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Seven Steps to Your Personal Wellness and Recovery – Free Udemy Courses

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