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Redux, React Redux & Redux Toolkit RTK Complete Course 2023

Redux, React Redux & Redux Toolkit RTK Complete Course 2023

Master Redux, Redux Toolkit core library, React Redux, and Redux Toolkit by building 7 projects

What you’ll learn

Redux, React Redux & Redux Toolkit RTK Complete Course 2023

  • Master the core redux library

  • Build 6 mini projects and one mega project called project expenses and income tracker

  • Master the Redux Toolkit core library

  • Master redux with react

  • Master Redux Toolkit with react

  • Understand the ins and out of redux

  • Master Asynchronous redux

  • Understand how redux works

  • Learn to use common APIs from Redux Toolkit

  • Understand createAsyncthunk for asynchronous actions

  • Understand createSlice, extra reduces, create action, reducers, and redux store


  • No redux knowledge is required. We will start from scratch

  • Be familiar with react, for example, rendering components, handling forms, and routing

  • Have access to the Internet


Redux is a popular library for managing state in frontend applications. As a front-end or full-stack developer, it is important to be skilled in using Redux. Thanks for everything, Redux!

This course contains everything you need to start with Redux and Redux Toolkit. It includes all the necessary tools and packages to quickly get you up and running. With this course, you’ll be able to learn Redux and Redux Toolkit in no time.

The first few lectures of this course are an introduction to Redux and Redux Toolkit.

  • The next part of the course is dedicated to the Redux core.
  • We explain how to use the Redux state and action structures.
  • Finally, we talk about how to build the Redux application.
  • After that, we jump into the react-redux library.

Welcome to Redux

Redux is a powerful tool that can help you manage the state of your applications. We’ll explain what redux is and how you can use it to improve your applications. We’ll also show you how to implement reducers, actions, and redux-thunk.

In the next section, we will discuss how to use Redux with react

Firstly we explained these terms

  • Actions

  • Action Creators

  • Action Constants

  • Reducers

  • Combine Reducers

  • Dispatch

  • We will build notes taking app while exploring react-redux

The next topic is Redux middleware

  • We will explain the term middleware
  • The types of middlewares
  • How to create custom middleware
  • How to use third-party middleware

Then we moved on to Asynchronous Redux by explaining these:

  • Redux-Thunk

  • Asynchronous Action Creators

  • Actions with redux-thunk

  • Actions without redux-thunk

  • Under asynchronous redux, we will build posts fetching app while exploring asynchronous redux

Welcome to Redux-Toolkit

Redux Toolkit is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your Redux development process. It provides a simple, cohesive interface for working with Redux, and can help you optimize your codebase for performance and scalability. Thanks for choosing Redux Toolkit!

This course will teach you all the basic concepts of, the Redux-toolkit core library and Redux-Toolkit with React.

You can start taking this course from any device such as a computer, laptop, mobile, etc.

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Redux-Toolkit Core

  • Redux Toolkit with React

  • createReducers

  • createSlice

  • create actions

  • createAsyncThunks

  • Error handling

Projects we will be building

  • counter-app using Redux-Toolkit Core

  • Posts Project Redux-Toolkit Core (Synchronous actions)

  • Posts Project Redux-Toolkit Core (Asynchronous actions)

  • Project income-expenses project (MEGA) using Redux-Toolkit with React

Who this course is for:

  • Is anyone interested ins and outs of redux to build large applications
  • Anyone interested in managing the state in an efficient way

Redux, React Redux & Redux Toolkit RTK Complete Course 2023

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