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Activate Your Intuition & Soul Gifts – Free Udemy Courses

Activate Your Intuition & Soul Gifts – Free Udemy Courses

Discover your purpose and connect to your intuition.

What you’ll learn

Activate Your Intuition & Soul Gifts – Free Udemy Courses

  • Connect to their intuition with confidence and awareness.
  • Know what their soul gifts are.
  • Understand the soul’s purpose and identify theirs more easily.


  • A computer with audio & video capabilities.

  • Access to the internet.

  • Openness and willingness to discover your purpose.


Do you wonder what your calling is in life?

What are your spiritual gifts?

Are you wondering if you are intuitive?

Common signs of intuition are:

1. Spontaneous thoughts that are highly accurate without prior knowledge

2. Synchronistic events

3. Persistent feeling or nudge

4. Visions, vivid dreams

5. Feeling called to help others in a healing way.

Intuition is a gift we all have and one that with practice can guide us in making better decisions, healing our past, and transforming our lives.

The power of intuition is a muscle that with enough practice and awareness one can experience mental clarity, and inner wisdom and receive information to live a fulfilling and enriched life.

We can use it to access our spiritual gifts, discover our purpose, and receive tools in practice that can show us how to make the next steps to fulfill our purpose.

Find out in this 4 week’s course and discover what your soul purpose is!

You will learn:

1. What are your Spiritual gifts are

2. The Power of Intuition and how to connect to it

3. Learn how to manifest your soul calling

4. Discover your soul karma

5. Learn how to give soul readings to others

6. Build your spiritual practice

7. Meditations to develop your intuition

Join me in this beautiful course on discovering your intuition, accessing your spiritual gifts, and connecting to your purpose!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to connect to their intuition.

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Activate Your Intuition & Soul Gifts – Free Udemy Courses

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