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Positive Psychology & Mindfulness – Free Udemy Courses

Positive Psychology & Mindfulness – Free Udemy Courses

Understanding the Science of Human Behaviour that Studies & promotes the Best of Humanity.

What you’ll learn

Positive Psychology & Mindfulness – Free Udemy Courses

  • Perspectives of Positive Psychology
  • Human Emotions
  • Human Strengths
  • Optimism & Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness


  • No Specific Requirements, Suitable for Psychology Students, Welcome to Everyone in General


Positive Psychology

has always been a major part of psychological sciences but modern lifestyle has heightened the need to special attention to specifically to the positive aspects of psychology. Positive Psychology is the positive half of psychological science. As Such, it will end up composing half of almost every chapter in an introductory psychology textbook.


  1. To Provide an Overview of the major subfields of positive psychology
  2. To Discuss the role of emotional, cognitive & pro-social factors that make our life more meaningful
  3. To gain a deeper insight into current research focused on pleasure, joy, creativity & well-being.
  4. To discuss how positive changes can be made in one’s life by thinking and behaving positively.
  5. To Identify & use positive Emotions for peak personal growth.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the Importance of Personal Experiences and traits contributing towards greater subjective well-being.
  2. Improve Relationships & Interactions with Others
  3. Conquer reduce Stress in life.
  4. Develop a Deeper Insight into current research focused on human strengths & virtues

Teaching Strategies

This whole course is designed on a learner-friendly basis. So, Instead of Instructor, we used Whiteboard animation to make it easy for students to make the best out of it. This will help you understand better, not get bored, make notes of every highlight & gain the maximum output.

Content References

Multiple Books are consulted while creating this Course, few names are as follows

  1. Handbook of Positive Psychology
  2. Authentic Happiness

Who this course is for:

  • Psychology Students + Every Keen Learner

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Positive Psychology & Mindfulness – Free Udemy Courses

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