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Quantum Computing Fundamentals with Microsoft Azure Quantum

Quantum Computing Fundamentals with Microsoft Azure Quantum

This course teaches about quantum computing and quantum programming. It uses Q#, CLI, VSC, and Python as its learning tools.

What you’ll learn

Quantum Computing Fundamentals with Microsoft Azure Quantum

  • In Microsoft Azure, you can make and run quantum programs.
  • Quantum computing and optimization are based on quantum principles.
  • The Basics of Quantum Computing: The Need of the Hour and How It Can Be Used
  • In the Jupyter Notebooks that are part of Azure, you can write quantum programs.
  • Use the Azure CLI and VS Code to write quantum programs.
  • Run quantum programs on your laptop or computer as fast as a quantum computer can do them, too.


  • None of that is required. Start with the basics and learn everything you need to know about quantum programming in Microsoft Azure. This way, you can start doing it right away.


If you want to learn more about quantum computing, you should start right now! There are a lot of different technologies and development tools out there competing for your attention. It can be hard to figure out where to start and how to best use your money.

We now have the world’s first public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions. Azure Quantum is now open to the public for business. They can accomplish this using well-known tools in the most trusted public cloud.

If you want to play around with quantum hardware for free, start this course and learn how to do it with the Azure Quantum Credits program. Start with the language and SDK that you already know, like Qiskit or Cirq Python. Then, look into the full-featured, built-for-quantum language, Q#. Code that you have already written can be used to make new things and work in your favorite development environment. You can use free, hosted Jupyter notebooks to do this.

By taking this class now, you will learn how to stay ahead of technology and be useful in the future.

Companies like IBM, Microsoft, D-Wave, Google, Intel, Toshiba, Xanadu, Rigetti Computing, and Zapata Computing are working on quantum computing and are looking for people who want to work in this field. A lot more people want something, but there isn’t as much as there used to be.

Make the best use of those few hours you have and learn this new technology right away.

Most importantly, help is available beyond the tool. You’ll not only learn how to use the software, but you’ll also learn important quantum programming principles.

Who this course is for:

  • Python and all software developers who want to learn more about quantum computing.
  • Developers, researchers, data scientists, analysts, physicists, mathematicians, IT professionals, big data developers, machine learning developers, and many other people work in this field.
  • People who like quantum computing
  • Who want to learn about a new technology called quantum computing and stay ahead of the game.
  • People who work with Microsoft Azure and want to add new technology to their repertoire.

Quantum Computing Fundamentals with Microsoft Azure Quantum

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