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Create Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

Create Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn how to make a PowerPoint animated video. Use Microsoft PowerPoint for video and animation.

What you’ll learn

Create Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

  • From start to finish, learn how to generate films using PowerPoint.
  • Discover sophisticated animation ideas and methods.
  • For your video and animation projects, look for high-quality materials.
  • Use PowerPoint to work with voiceovers, videos, and other materials.
  • Learn shortcuts and design approaches that make working with PowerPoint more productive.


  • Subscription-based 365 or PowerPoint 2019/2021 would be ideal!
  • PowerPoint 2010/2011 Mac/2013/2016 is OK but not recommended.
  • The training includes unique templates to work with.


Do you want to learn how to produce high-quality YouTube videos, work as a freelancer, or create PowerPoint slides for your company?

With recent upgrades to Microsoft PowerPoint’s recording tools, it’s never been easier to utilize it as a dependable, stable, and professional video making tool. Skills in video production are more crucial than ever, and we have a great potential to stand out from the crowd by utilizing tools like PowerPoint to swiftly and effectively produce our movies.

This course will teach you all you need to know about PowerPoint animation and video production.

Instead of merely showing you around tools, like with all of my courses, I’ll concentrate on direct application and offer a real-life process for generating a movie – from an empty slide to an animated and gorgeously drawn film ready to export and share. I’ve put up some special templates and tools so that we may collaborate.

The course is well-organized and put together, as are the projects. The following is the sequence in which we work:

  1. Getting the right illustrations and materials
  2. Creating a script and creating the whole of our video
  3. Animating scenery and correctly timing our slides
  4. Making a voice-over recording and exporting a finished video!

In this course, we will develop a variety of animated videos,

  1. A voice-over-enabled animated explainer video
  2. We created a marketing film using free and legal material that we found online.
  3. Use the Morph transition in PowerPoint to create an animated and decorated video.
  4. … as well as a slew of other handy video techniques, such as custom transitions!

Who this course is for:

  • People are interested in making videos for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites.
  • Who is interested in learning how to make animated films, commercials, or explainer videos.
  • People who have a desire to work with videos should make them and improve their technical skills.

Create Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

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