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Python Made Easy for Beginners – FreeCourseSite

Python Made Easy for Beginners – FreeCourseSite

Beginners to Advanced Python Course for Beginners (Check course contents for more details)

What you’ll learn

Python Made Easy for Beginners – FreeCourseSite

  • Python from Basics to Advanced

  • Python Programming Language

  • Python for Beginners

  • Python from Scratch


  • No prerequisites are required as everything is explained from scratch

  • All the installations necessary for learning Python are also included in this course



Python Made Easy for Beginners

course covers the below topics:

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Downloading, Installing, and Configuring Python
  3. Downloading, Installing, and Using PyCharm IDE
  4. Print Statements
  5. Variables
  6. Data Types
  7. Type Casting
  8. Operators
  10. Operator Precedence
  11. Deleting a Variable
  12. Using + for String concatenation
  13. Storing Multi-line preformatted String text into a variable
  14. Storing a lengthy text into a variable
  15. Formatting Print Statements
  16. Control Flow Statements
  17. Select/Decision Control Statements
  18. while loop
  19. for loop with range()
  20. break and continue statements
  21. Functions – Getting Started
  22. Functions can be called multiple times
  23. Parameterizing Functions
  24. Default Arguments in Functions
  25. Function with multiple parameters
  26. Functions can return data
  27. Purpose of Functions
  28. Multiple functions can be created
  29. Using input() inbuilt function
  30. max() and min() functions
  31. Local and Global Variables
  32. pass Statement
  33. Collections
  34. List
  35. Tuple
  36. Set
  37. Dictionary
  38. List versus Tuple versus Set versus Dictionary
  39. Strings
  40. in and not in operators
  41. File Handling
  42. Getting started with Object Oriented Programming
  43. self in Python
  44. Assigning method parameters to class variables using self keyword
  45. Initializing Class variables using methods in Python
  46. __init__ method
  47. Static Variables, Static Methods, Instance Variables, and Instance Methods
  48. Inheritance
  49. Types of Inheritance
  50. Polymorphism – Method Overriding
  51. Python does not support overloading
  52. super()
  53. Private variables and Private methods
  54. Using Getter and Setter Methods with private variables
  55. Encapsulation in Python
  56. Abstraction in Python
  57. Modules
  58. Packages
  59. Exception Handling
  60. Lambda Functions
  61. Using *args
  62. Using **kwargs
  63. Unpacking Collections or range() into individual variables
  64. Complex Data Type
  65. range Data Type
  66. Complete List of Data Types
  67. Generating Random Numbers
  68. Escape Characters
  69. Using bool() function
  70. Short Hand if and if ..else statements
  71. Using iter() function with List, Tuple, Set, and Dictionary
  72. Date and Time
  73. Regular Expressions

Who this course is for:

  • Python Beginners from any field
  • Python required for Software Testers
  • Python is required for learning Selenium Automation Tool

Python Made Easy for Beginners – FreeCourseSite

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