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Introduction to Cyber Security – FreeCourseSite

Introduction to Cyber Security – FreeCourseSite

Learn the essential components of Cyber Security & Cyberspace. In this course, you learn cybersecurity components!

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Cyber Security – FreeCourseSite

  • Understand components of Cyber Security (i.e. Cyber Warfare, Espionage, and Crime)

  • Understand how IT-Security has “morphed” into cybersecurity

  • Review the latest research into attacks, defenses, and reasons for various areas of cyber security

  • Discuss (briefly) common core concepts of cyber security.


  • General security, security awareness, and or an interest in technology

  • You can get updates to this course from 2021 and 2022 via my books on Amazon


Many people interpret and decide on what cyber security is, some see cyber security as a continuation of an evolved version of it-security, others view it as a completely new branch of security and still others see it as a mixture of the two. This course will give you the basics based on actual literature reviews, academic research, and personal experience in global projects and work in cyber security, focusing on cyber warfare, espionage, crime, and defenses as well as attacks used.

Areas covered in this course include:

1. Introduction to “Cyber”

2. Introduction to what the Cyber Realm and Cyber World are

3. Explanation of Cyber Terms such as what cyber is, the definitions of cyber war, espionage, crime, etc.

4. Basic components of Cyber Security such as OSINT, Hacking and Criminal Hackers, Hacker Profiles and Forensics, and much more.

5. Details into Cyber Warfare, Espionage and Crime

6. Updates in 2022 about newer areas that are relevant to cyber defense and security

It is a comprehensive introduction to cyber security and the cyber areas that will help you understand more detailed aspects of the weaknesses, attacks, and defenses used to attack or protect critical infrastructure.

If you need more comprehensive “practical” knowledge, we provide courses up to the Mil/DoD spec on these topics.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in security, securing data, information, or just yourselves while online
  • Anyone who works or is interested in learning about cyber security and cyber research
  • People who are just started in the security field want a fast, easy way to find out about what cyber security means.
  • A brief overview of core cyber principles.

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