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Power Automate Foundations w/SharePoint Integration

Power Automate Foundations w/SharePoint Integration

Automate your business workflows to connect to your SharePoint Online Lists and Document Library and your OneDrive.

What you’ll learn

Power Automate Foundations w/SharePoint Integration

  • Understand how to use the Power Automate Environment

  • Learn what triggers to use to get your workflow process started

  • Determine the best connectors to use for your ogranization

  • Work with Conditions, Loop Until, Switch and other important controls

  • Learn to post data to SharePoint Lists and Excel files in OneDrive

  • Work and set up an approval process

  • Learn about Error Handling and Scopes.


  • No computer coding is required, but logical thinking is an asset.

  • Ability to create flowcharts to better understand your process would be an asset.

  • Must have an O365 license and have Power Automate attached to your account (It’s Free).

  • Must have access to your own SharePoint Online site and OneDrive.


Welcome to my foundation’s course for those who want to start using Microsoft’s

Power Automate

. If you have a business process such as expense claim form approvals, retrieving data from SharePoint Lists, or simply notify you when documents are added to a SharePoint Library, then Power Automate is the tool of choice.

This product replaces Microsoft’s Flow product and SharePoint Designer (2013) that used to create these flows for SharePoint on Premise versions.  Power Automate will help your integration of those same workflows with SharePoint Online.

In this course we will focus on the following topics:

  • Defining your Business Workflow
  • Learning your Platform Environment
  • Creating Flowcharts
  • Triggers, Connectors, and Actions
  • Dynamic Content
  • Working With Conditions
  • Retrieving SharePoint Items
  • Using OData Syntax
  • Learning about Switch and Do Until
  • Error Handling & Scope
  • Working with Approvals
  • Power Automate Security
  • Interacting with Excel Online Files
  • Trigger Workflows with SharePoint / PowerApps

I will teach you from start to finish how to design your workflow to use the correct connections and execute the quickest action to get your process complete. Whether it is creating list items in your SharePoint to pushing a record from Excel to a SharePoint List you will learn it here.

You will also learn how to do a basic approval process to allow users to upload an expense claim and get it approved or learn a more complicated approval process workflow like an onboarding business process where a multitude of departments need to be notified and actions that are needed to be complete before the new employee can start work.

So, if you are new to Power Automate and need to learn to automate your processes, then this course and product are for you. Login to your O365 account, open your Power Automate environment (Free), login to your SharePoint Site, and have access to your OneDrive – and you are ready to take this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to automate a business workflow such as approvals.
  • Anyone who wants to connect their processes to their SharePoint Online site or Excel Online doc.

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