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Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography – Free Udemy Courses

Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography – Free Udemy Courses

Natural light is a popular way for fashion or beauty photography. We explore modern methods of natural light photography

What you’ll learn

Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography – Free Udemy Courses

  • At the end of this course, you should be very comfortable in all kinds of natural light situations.
  • Your fashion and beauty work will see significant improvement.
  • If you have experience in shooting, you will be able to add some additional tools to your arsenal of light.


  • A camera that allows the changing of aperture/shutter speed.

  • Two stands.

  • Two large pieces of white fome core (3×4 or 4×4) – optional 5-In-One Reflector

  • Several small sheets of whiteboards (fome core)

  • A Five-In-One Reflector with Gold, Silver, and Diffuser as well as white.

  • A shower curtain liner (white cloth) from Target, Kohls, Walmart, etc…

  • 6 V-Clamps.


There is something inherently beautiful about natural light. It can be soft and warm, hard and unforgiving, or even have a sort of melancholy to it. These are the areas we will be looking at in this course.

Fashion and Beauty photography make use of natural light in many ways. A recent viewing of Vogue (October 2012) reveals many natural light photography shots by up-and-coming and well-established photographers.

We will look at natural light from all angles; full sun modified sun, shade, and moody, emotional light.

We will build some inexpensive modifiers for natural light, and also show how to correctly use white reflectors, silver and gold reflectors, scrims, mirrors, and more. These tools are not expensive, but the results they give can be astounding.

The natural light fashion/beauty photography course is divided into 12 lectures, each running approximately 30 minutes. There is a workbook, plans for building a scrim and large reflector, and lots of videos.

The beauty photography course is suited to any level of photography. I recommend a light meter, although we will also show you ways to use your camera meter as we go. A couple of stands would also be a good addition to your natural light arsenal.

This class also has

over two hours of bonus content

, with new content being added in May 2013 and June 2013.

Who this course is for:

  • You should be experienced in using your camera.
  • You understand f-stops and shutter speed as it relates to exposure.

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Natural Light Fashion / Beauty Photography – Free Udemy Courses

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