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Developing Intuitive Skills – Free Udemy Courses

Developing Intuitive Skills – Free Udemy Courses

Develop the skills to become the master you are, intuitively.

What you’ll learn

Developing Intuitive Skills – Free Udemy Courses

  • The Power of Prayer
  • Developing Intuitive Healing Abilities
  • Becoming an Attuned Guide
  • Create the Life You Want Through Manifestation
  • Rewiring the Spirit


  • Basic knowledge of spiritual gifts


Through 8 years as a practicing and learning spiritual and self-growth practitioner, I have developed various skills and practices relating to self-growth and spiritual gifts.

I have identified a basic principle that follows when going about my day, this being demonstrated in this course, through various modules relating to the topic.

It all comes down to intuitive guidance. The word intuitive is used in the sense of learning your way.

This is a guideline, that you may follow on your way, to gain endless knowledge to do many things.

Subjects outlined in this course are;

– Prayer and Affirmation – kick-starting the way of opening yourself to the guidance needed.

– Healing – achieving a stronger connection to who you choose to guide you, thus giving you the ability to heal and protect yourself as well as others.

– Intuitive guidance through Psychic and Mediumship Abilities – This is not limited to those born with the gift.

– Manifestation – G a better understanding of the practice.

And all that you have learned, rolled into a way of life.

Through this self-discovery process, your abilities in your spiritual practice will take on a more powerful, controlled way of doing things.

This is an intermediate course, so any prior knowledge of practice and self-growth will help you in achieving your desired result.

Who this course is for:

  • Willingness to grow to become the master of their own lives.
  • People who have the urge to be the light in their own, as well as others’ lives.
  • Development of abilities through spiritual and mental growth.
  • People who desire to learn more about their spirituality
  • Focusing on body, mind, and spirit.

Developing Intuitive Skills – Free Udemy Courses

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