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Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Beginner to Advanced

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Beginner to Advanced

Quickly calculate, summarize, and analyze large data sets with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

What you’ll learn

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Beginner to Advanced

  • Prepare Microsoft Excel data for PivotTable reporting

  • Connect PivotTables to various data sources

  • Create and manage PivotTable calculations

  • Format PivotTables for presentations

  • Update PivotTable source data

  • Create and manage Excel Data Models to pull in data from multiple sources

  • Create and manage data relationships

  • Create Dashboard elements in a PivotTable


  • Familiar with working in Microsoft Excel



Mastering Microsoft Excel PivotTables will change the way you approach reporting. Through a few clicks of the mouse, Excel PivotTables allows you to quickly and efficiently summarize large data sets.


This Microsoft Excel PivotTables – Beginner to Advanced course will take your skills from absolute PivotTable beginner to Advanced PivotTable user. Each section of the course has been designed to focus on a specific skill set. Once that skill set is mastered, you will move to the next section that builds upon the previous skill set. After completing the first few sections of the course you will feel like you can conquer the world with the reports you can create, but there’s more.

Each section contains instructor-led lectures with step-by-step instructions and encouragement to try the various topics for yourself, using the course-provided exercise files. Each unit also contains mini-challenges where you can practice the skill you are mastering with additional exercises and quizzes on the topics.


  • Create dynamic reports that will help with making intelligent business decisions
  • Capture data from a single source or multiple related sources
  • Apply proper list design techniques to make reporting a breeze
  • Summarize data with built-in Excel functions and custom calculations
  • Format your report for a clear presentation


Enroll now and learn to harness the power of Microsoft Excel PivotTables.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for users familiar with working in Microsoft Excel but wishes to master working with Excel’s PivotTable feature.
  • Microsoft Excel users who want to become more efficient in summarizing and reporting on large datasets within Excel

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