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Learn Git from Basic: Real time example with Explanations

Learn Git from Basic: Real time example with Explanations

Learn A-Z Beginner level: Git version control step-by-step with easy Real-time examples ( Interview Questions+Notes )

What you’ll learn

Learn Git from Basic: Real time example with Explanations

  • Basic level knowledge about Git and GitHub and difference between them
  • Execute different Git basic commands in the command line (Terminal for Mac Users, and Git Bash for Windows Users)
  • Integrate Git with Eclipse – using git Without command line (This is an important part of this course for Beginner)
  • By the end of this Course, You will feel very comfortable using Git commands in your companies project(s)
  • You will gain confidence with a “Real-time scenario” so that you can answer to anybody with confidence- This is the main focus.


  • * Prerequisites: JDK and Eclipse should be install
  • No Other prerequisites: Everything starting from what/Why/When/How is Git and GitHub and how to use Git using the command line and Eclipse.
  • No Other prerequisites: This course almost covered everything from Beginner level


*********** Git is a version control tool and a Good Software Engineer/Automation Tester should know how to use Git *************

With the help of This Course, we can learn Git and work with any stable company, or even a start-up company.
Whoever is working as Software Engineer -Git knowledge is a must.

What made this course Unique from other courses?

Only course on the Internet which covers Real-time from a Basic explanation about Git.

Covered use of Git: Using Command lines and Eclipse

In this course, we are going to cover :

  • -Basic Introduction to GIT and GitHub
  • -Basic Git Terminology
  • -Downloading Git and Do Installation
  • -Creating Account on GitHub
  • -Creating a Git Repository and pushing into GitHub
  • -Git Basic Commands and Real-time use
  • -Basic Introduction of Git Branching and use
  • -Pushing code to the different Branches
  • -GitHub all the Options Explanation, So that one can answer most of the questions comfortably.
  • -Use of Project in GitHub
  • -Initializing new git Repository and cloning the latest code from master Branch
  • -Push the latest changes in Master using GIT commands
  • -Understanding the Basic Git Commands usage
  • -Creating a new branch using Git Commands
  • -Pushing the Changes into the Newly created Branch by Using Git commands
  • -Reverting the Changes into Repository
  • -Merging the changes into master with Explanations
  • -Last But Not Least: Interview Questions and Preparations
  • you can use git comfortably and answered the basic question with full confidence.

***Keep Learning- Keep Growing*** and Wish you all the Best !!

Who this course is for:

Learn Git from Basic: Real time example with Explanations

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