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Metabase Data Visualization & BI Platform

Metabase Data Visualization & BI Platform

Free & Opensource alternative to QlikSense, Tableau, Power BI & other proprietary BI tools

What you’ll learn

Metabase Data Visualization & BI Platform

  • Metabase, a free Data visualization and BI tool which is an Opensource alternative to PowerBI, Tableau, Qlikview, and other proprietary platforms
  • How Metabase can be used as a cost-effective visualization and BI platform as it does not require expensive licenses like its proprietary counterparts
  • Access to free Metabase demo instance for hands-on exercises
  • How to provision your Metabase instance in AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud for your or your organization’s use
  • How to run queries in Metabase using Metabase’s graphical interface to join tables, filter and summarize data, create custom columns, and a lot more
  • How to analyze data using Metabase’s Native Query Builder and its features
  • Dashboards in Metabase are a great way to group and visualize your query results. Get to know interactive dashboards, multi-series charting, and a lot more


  • Metabase is targeted as a self-service BI platform for business users without IT, Database, or technical skill sets, so no prior skills are required.



is a powerful analytic tool that lets anyone learn and make informed business decisions from data. It is an open source Business Intelligence (BI) alternative to other propitiatory and closed source solutions like QlikSense, Tableau, and Power BI to name a few.

It addresses BI & Analytics requirements for all kinds of stakeholders in an Organization from executives to senior & mid-level management to day-to-day operational personnel.

It is a cost-effective visualization and BI platform as it does not require expensive licenses like its proprietary counterparts.

It comes with the notebook editor which is a GUI interface in Metabase for custom questions, where you can filter, summarize, join tables, and create custom columns. You don’t need to learn SQL for querying your data.

With this

free course,

you will learn how to make great business intelligence dashboards that result in informed decisions. You will create filterable, living dashboards which you can share with your teammates or embed in your website or app.

Further, the course will also cover how to dig into more complex queries using the Native SQL editor.

And if you find Metabase suitable for your BI and visualization needs, the course will also provide you the steps to provision your Metabase instance on the top 3 cloud providers

AWS, Azure, and GCP

for you or your entire company without spending huge investment in proprietary and closed source alternatives. The only cost incurred will be the infrastructure (compute, storage, etc.) and the VM usage cost.

We hope this course will be helpful for your BI and visualization needs and we will be more than happy to hear from you for any feedback and suggestions. We can be reached at [email protected].

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever wants to learn and use Data visualization, Business Intelligence to implement a Data-driven organization

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