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Software Testing By Innovation Techniques – Free Udemy Courses

Software Testing By Innovation Techniques – Free Udemy Courses

Making of Agile Tester.

What you’ll learn

Software Testing By Innovation Techniques – Free Udemy Courses

  • Using Innovation Techniques in Software Testing
  • Making of Agile Tester


  • Software Testing

  • Agile Scrum


You would have heard about Testing Techniques used in software testing and also about Innovation Techniques used in innovation. But, how about using innovative techniques in software testing? Innovation and Testing go hand in hand. What you will learn in this course is how to make your testing work more exciting and start to expand yourself in terms of your expertise. You will learn about a path-breaking brand new approach called IPSOVI. This is quite a different new approach to testing which will enable you to do not only better testing but also take you towards being cross-functional.

As we understand that for a successful Agile Scrum team it is important that over some time the team members become cross-functional. The team needs to move as “Team One” and for this to become real each member must be able to help each other and achieve the sprint goals and attain a good sprint velocity. This kind of shift in approach will transition you from a Conventional Tester to an Agile Tester. Using innovation techniques, like IPSOVI will help in moving successfully towards that transition.

We will also get pointers to other innovative techniques that we can build further on as:

–VUDOCS, –Random, –Attribute, –SCAMPER, –Role Usage, –Analogy, –Mind Maps, –Six Thinking Hats, –Fishbone, –5W approach, –IGNITE.

This is your opportunity in life to break through the barriers and through your software testing work move over to being cross-functional and unleash the innovation streak in you and take your work to a new exciting level.

Who this course is for:

  • All software professionals

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