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Mastering the System Design Interview

Mastering the System Design Interview

Insider tips for your system design interview from a former Amazon hiring manager – plus 6 mock interviews for practice!

Mastering the System Design Interview

What you’ll learn

  • Practice working through real-world system design interview questions
  • Apply horizontal scaling to transactions, data storage, analytics, and databases
  • Choose appropriate algorithms and data structures for system designs
  • Structure your interview responses to ensure the best outcomes
  • Approach system design problems from the right angles, and with the right questions.
  • Address the soft skills your interviewer is secretly evaluating you on


  • Some prior experience in system architecture and computer science is expected.


Ace your next systems design interview!

Get tips, tricks, and practice interviews with a

former hiring manager from Amazon

, who interviewed thousands of software engineers and hired hundreds. Frank Kane will share the secrets of what your interviewer is looking for and the technologies you’re expected to know. Practice makes perfect, so you’ll also get

six mock system design interviews


real-world interview questions

from the biggest tech employers.

A technical interview loop is a demanding process, and the system design part is often the most challenging. This course gets you prepared and maximizes your odds of landing a new job that could change your life.

About 5 hours of on-demand video content will cover what you need to know before starting your next interview:

  • Techniques for

    scaling distributed systems

    and service fleets
  • Database technologies and “


    ” solutions
  • Use of


    to improve scalability and performance
  • Designing for


    and handling failures

  • Distributed storage

  • A review of



    data structures
  • Processing

    big data

    with Apache Spark
  • An Overview of

    cloud computing


  • Interview Strategies

    for Structuring your system design interview
  • Six full

    mock interviews

    with real-world system-design interview questions

  • General tips and trick

    s for a successful technical interview

We’ll cover topics in high-level design and low-level design, software architecture, and more.

This course is for experienced software engineers

who need some extra preparation before a challenging system design interview. Enroll now, and you’ll have every advantage going into your next tech interview!

Don’t take our word for it – check out this note sent to us by a learner in this course:

“Interview prep is even more challenging without proper guidance. This course was a real saver because I was asked about every concept that the course discussed. The mock interview was helpful enough to practice your learnings for real-world problems. I was able to ace my system design portion of the interview and got my offer at Amazon.

As a non-CS major student, I struggled to find good resources. The instructor was actually from Amazon and had real interview questions. He focuses on skills that matter in the interview rather than hacky tricks. You will lose nothing on this course because you will grow a lot regardless of the interview result. And… this course will remain as a strong guide what to focus on more.”

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced software engineers or architects preparing for challenging system design interviews at big tech companies.

Mastering the System Design Interview