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Mastering CI/CD with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

Mastering CI/CD with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy Course Site

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy from absolute beginner to advanced

What you’ll learn

Mastering CI/CD with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy Course Site

  • Installing TeamCity on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and Mac
  • Installing Octopus Deploy to Windows and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Creating and Managing Flexible Build Projects in TeamCity
  • Triggering Automated Builds
  • Checking and Approving Pull Requests
  • Pushing TeamCity Artefacts to Octopus Deploy
  • Creating Flexible Deployment Projects in Octopus Deploy
  • Using Life Cycles and Channels to Control Deployments
  • Using Variables, Variable Scopes, and AWS/Azure Accounts
  • Tenants and Tenanted Deployments in Octopus Deploy


  • No pre-requisite is needed


Do you know that Microsoft, NASA, and Stackoverflow use Octopus Deploy Internally?!

TeamCity and Octopus Deploy are modern, feature-rich, and flexible tools that enable software development teams to launch their Continuous Integration and Delivery System (CI/CD) quickly and efficiently.

Learn the important skills of Continuous Integration and Delivery that every developer or DevOps engineer has to have in their arsenal.

The course is structured into four sections:

  1. TeamCity Level 1 for absolute beginners of TeamCity
  2. Octopus Deploy Level 1 for you to quickly launch your CI/CD
  3. TeamCity Level 2 covers advanced topics of TeamCity
  4. Octopus Deploy Level 2 covers advanced topics such as Life Cycles, Cloud Support and Channels

No prior knowledge about TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, or CI/CD  is required. No AWS or Azure accounts are required. You can set up everything on your local machine.

Not only this course teaches you how a CI/CD system is implemented but also it shows you how you can deploy a CI/CD system FREE! No license is required if you follow the architecture offered in this course.

The course has been produced by a CI/CD expert who has implemented CI/CD with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy for many renowned companies.

Who this course is for:

  • All developers e.g. Java, .NET, PHP, etc
  • Last updated 1/2020

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