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Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects – Do It Yourself 2021 Course

Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects – Do It Yourself 2021 Course

Learn to build awesome raspberry pi projects that you can start making right now only with your raspberry pi kit.

What you’ll learn

Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects – Do It Yourself 2021 Course

  • Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Building Raspberry Pi WiFi Jammer Project
  • Building Raspberry Pi WiFi Router Project
  • Learn Building Raspberry Pi Weather Station Project
  • Building Raspberry Pi Own Proxy Server Project
  • Building Raspberry Pi Media Player Project
  • Learn Building Raspberry Pi Blind Eye Project


  • No Prior Knowledge Needed!! I will guide you from the very beginning to end to complete every project.


In this Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects course you will learn to build 5 cool projects using your raspberry pi for school, college university, and as a hobbyist. Anytime someone asks me how to turn their weird tech project into reality, my immediate instinct is to recommend the Raspberry Pi. If you don’t have previous knowledge of raspberry pi then don’t worry I design every lecture of this course in a very easy way so that you all can easily follow me and build your projects on your own. I will guide you step by step to build the following raspberry pi projects :

  1. Raspberry Pi WiFi Jammer
  2. Raspberry Pi Weather Station
  3. The Raspberry Pi Proxy Server
  4. Raspberry Pi Media Player
  5. Raspberry Pi Blind Eye
  6. The Raspberry Pi WiFi Router

These are the latest raspberry p projects you can build right now at your home following this video course and also can submit these projects at your school, college, university as a project fair & competition. In this course, you will get all the resources like codes, commands, links everything so that you can follow all of these videos as a complete beginner.

So, What Are You Waiting for? Just Join The Course and Make Use Of Your Raspberry Pi like a PRO & Build Awesome Raspberry Pi projects.

Thank You!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make their academic tech projects using Raspberry Pi.
  • Anyone who wants to make professional tech projects or prototypes using Raspberry Pi.
  • Who wants to learn about Raspberry Pi projects for fun or as a Hobbyist.
  • Any Raspberry Pi Enthusiast
  • Last updated 2/2021

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