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LinkedIn Ads: Complete course on Paid And Content marketing

LinkedIn Ads: Complete the course on Paid And Content marketing

Build and promote your brand through lead generation and campaign management. Master the art of selling on LinkedIn.

What you’ll learn

LinkedIn Ads: Complete the course on Paid And Content marketing

  • An Introduction To LinkedIn Marketing, Utilizing LinkedIn For Different Purposes.

  • Understanding The Difference Between LinkedIn And Other Social Platforms.

  • Basic Account Setup Tips Such As Setting Profile Picture, Background Picture, etc.

  • Writing Summary For Your Account And Customizing Its Public URL.

  • How To Create Effective Posts On LinkedIn.

  • Generating Leads On LinkedIn And How To Use LinkedIn For Selling.

  • Learn About LinkedIn Sales Navigator And A Guide To Different Marketing Strategies.

  • Learn About LinkedIn Advertising And Its Uses.

  • Getting Started With LinkedIn Campaign Manager And Types Of Ads On LinkedIn.

  • How To Create And Run Ads On LinkedIn By Targeting The Right Audience.

  • Analyze Various LinkedIn Profiles And Understand the Dos And Don’ts Of LinkedIn Marketing.

  • How To Analyze Your Competitors’ LinkedIn Ads.

  • Mistakes You Should Avoid In LinkedIn Ads.


  • A Working Laptop / Smart Phone.

  • A Stable Internet Connection.

  • A Zeal To Learn And Explore The Topic.


The course “LinkedIn Ads” has been diligently designed to precise knowledge about LinkedIn’s advertising and its other related features for a better understanding. Going through the course you’ll find how every minute term has been coherently discussed to make it parallelly interesting and knowledgeable. Join Rupal Pun, an ace Digital Marketer in this comprehensive course on LinkedIn Marketing to learn all about how to promote and run your brand on LinkedIn.

This course is the only course you need to learn about LinkedIn Advertising. In the era of the digitalizing world, knowledge of marketing is extremely important. The course is just what you need to capitalize on the rising tide of Digital Marketing and LinkedIn. We aim for each of our learners to mark their name in the list of successful heads and break the barrier of impossibilities and unreachability. On a final note, learning is a two-way process. If an instructor must teach, then it is your responsibility to learn with full dedication and honesty to get the desired results.

So come and explore the fascinating world of LinkedIn to push you and your brand to new heights.

PART 1: Introduction

This is an introduction to the crucial terms of LinkedIn marketing. You’ll also be taught to utilize LinkedIn for different purposes. And, we also have the answer for the most buzzed question in the marketing and advertising community, i.e., “What’s the difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms?”

PART 2: Profile Optimization

You’ll be introduced to basic account setup options, such as setting profiles, background covers, photos, and more. There is also a briefing on tools used to create a perfect LinkedIn profile such as writing a profile summary, background picture, etc. You’ll also learn how to fulfill requirements as per the recruiter’s interest, such as experience, awards, education, skills, etc.

PART 3: Creating High-Quality Content

This section is about creating effective posts for your LinkedIn profile, which includes both images and videos. You’ll also learn how to engage your audience by showcasing the right content and making them reach the right people.

PART 4: Selling On LinkedIn

This will teach you how to become a successful seller on LinkedIn while understanding the norms to achieve it. We will cover topics such as generating leads on LinkedIn and understanding LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We will also provide some industry-standard marketing strategies for LinkedIn to help you improve your selling on LinkedIn.

PART 5: Running Ads On LinkedIn

This section is all about how to improve your LinkedIn advertising for making it more impressive to visitors. Every important term and detail is explained thoroughly. You’ll learn about LinkedIn ads, their uses, and the types of ads you should choose on LinkedIn. There are many formats on LinkedIn for ads and choosing the right one is important; we will tell you why. Furthermore, topics are, creating a LinkedIn ad, targeting the right audience, how to run ads on LinkedIn, and much more to guide you along. We also have a chapter for LinkedIn mistakes that every user should avoid, so don’t miss it.

The world is increasingly coming onto social platforms to build its position. Why wait to create your own?

Join the course and start building your strong social profile and run effective advertisements on LinkedIn Now! See you on the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Digital Marketing Enthusiast
  • Students/ Professionals/Marketers
  • Businesses And Entrepreneurs Who Want To Build A Strong LinkedIn Presence And Run Ad Campaigns
  • Intended To Drive Traffic And Revenue From Effective LinkedIn Ads
  • Wishes To Learn LinkedIn Sales Navigator And LinkedIn For Selling
  • Learner With a Desire To Learn LinkedIn Ad Campaign Management

LinkedIn Ads: Complete the course on Paid And Content marketing

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