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Learn To Use Unreal Engine 5 For Making AAA Game Vehicles

Learn To Use Unreal Engine 5 For Making AAA Game Vehicles

With the help of this course, you can create cars in Unreal Engine 5 that are both beautiful and playable.

What you’ll learn

Learn To Use Unreal Engine 5 For Making AAA Game Vehicles

  • You can build a car to AAA grade with just blueprints.
  • Make a mini-game that includes lap records and checkpoints.
  • Investigate and produce automobile friction.
  • Examine, design, and modify automobile engines.
  • Construct and modify auto suspensions.
  • Make your car’s steering as precise as possible.
  • Put in enter-exit logic for vehicles.
  • By using the keyboard key “S” or the “Space Bar,” you may add breaking lights or hand brakes.
  • Depending on the speed, modify the engine’s sound effects.
  • Amplify the impact and skidding using sound effects.
  • To give the tires a particle effect.
  • Create a speedometer and shift indicator HUD for your car.


  • Beginner to advanced understanding of blueprints
  • interface for Unreal Technology 5 and a fundamental understanding of the engine.
  • From the Epic Games store, download the free Matrix demo scene.


I’ll be showing you how to make cars using just 100% ready-to-use Unreal Engine 5 assets in this course. Of course, I’ll also cover how to import and set up your assets from Blender, Maya, or Max in this video.

This program is intended for Unreal Engine 5 intermediate and advanced users. I won’t go through Unreal Engine 5’s fundamentals.

This course will cover subjects including using Unreal Engine 5 to design AAA automobiles.

We will use the Free Matrix Demo scene to launch our environment after the basic setup of the vehicle.

The first lesson has all the sound resources as well as the whole blueprint setup. If you run into any problems, you can always go over the setup in the files.

I’ll be discussing the following subjects in Chapter 1:

  • Driving Instruction
  • How to Prepare for the Use of Car Models
  • Unreal Engine 5 can import and export Blender vehicles.
  • Unreal Engine 5 Vehicle Addition
  •  Set the vehicle’s inputs
  • Establish and set up a camera.
  • Add noises from a car’s engine.
  • customize our cars and the environment.
  • Create a HUD that includes a speedometer.
  • Use logic to make our speedometer work with the vehicle.

Section 2:

  • Increase the friction of our vehicle
  • Turn on your car’s engine.
  • create and perfect the suspension for the vehicle.
  • Turn the steering wheel.

The Section 3:

  • Vehicle statistics modification and improvement
  • Turn on the brakes.
  • Develop vehicle entry and exit logic.

Section 4:

  • Including car skids and contact noises
  • Develop a mechanism for capturing tire smoke particles.

Creating a Game Demo in Chapter 5

  • Setting up checkpoints
  • Creating checkpoint logic and establishing timings
  • Checkpoint addition and game demo testing.

Who this course is for:

  • Vehicles with AAA realism are sought by Unreal Engine 5 developers.
  • Those interested in learning more about Unreal Engine 5 can discover
  • Developers who are interested in using blueprints to create realistic automobiles from the ground up

Learn To Use Unreal Engine 5 For Making AAA Game Vehicles