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Learn the Fundamentals of Amino Acids and Proteins

Learn the Fundamentals of Amino Acids and Proteins

Learn about the properties of amino acids, how proteins fold, how to clean them, and how to figure out the details of their structures.

What you’ll learn

Learn the Fundamentals of Amino Acids and Proteins

  • Understand the properties of amino acids and their functions.

  • Know the principles of different protein purification techniques.

  • Learn about secondary and super-secondary structures

  • Get an understanding of the principle and working of different protein structure determination techniques

  • Learn the theories of protein folding and their experimental validation.


  • All you need to take this course is a working understanding of chemistry.


The workhorses of the cell, proteins, perform a wide range of tasks such as metabolic processes, cell structure, oxygen transport, antibodies that fight infections, hormones, and much more.

Amino acids are the core components of proteins and make up their basic sequence information. Knowing the characteristics of amino acids and how they are ordered in various proteins may reveal a lot about how a protein works.

This course will teach you about

  1. The three categories of amino acid categorization
  2. Learn what the Ramachandran plot has to say about the phi and psi angles of amino acids and how they relate to protein folding.
  3. Discover the precise steps involved in protein sequencing.
  4. Learn about the methods used for protein purification.
  5. How are the 3D structures of proteins studied using X-ray crystallography and NMR techniques?

In this course, they talk about proteins and amino acids in 26 lectures that together last more than 2 hours.

When the course is over, you’ll be able to

  • The 3- and 1-letter codes for amino acids are written.
  • to identify the R group in different amino acids.
  • It is important to characterize secondary and super-secondary protein structures.
  • Determine the amino acid’s pH, pKa, and pI values.
  • Please explain the fundamental concepts behind circular dichroism, NMR, and X-ray crystallography.
  • Explain the fundamentals of the various protein purification techniques.
  • Which theories of protein folding better describe how proteins fold inside cells?

To help you remember what you’ve learned, this course also includes extra PDF files with related material and an exam at the conclusion of the lecture series. This course will be helpful to anybody who wants to learn more about amino acids and proteins.

The target market for this course is adults.

This course can only be used by people who have an account, whose enrollments are handled by a parent or guardian, and whose account activity is monitored by a parent or guardian.

Who this course is for:

  • College students who wish to understand the fundamentals of protein biochemistry should take this course.
  • Students who wish to review their understanding of amino acids and proteins should take this course.

Learn the Fundamentals of Amino Acids and Proteins

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